Introducing: Forbidden Seasons

We’ve found a whole host of exciting new Italian bands over the last year, but by far the heaviest yet is Turin-based Forbidden Seasons.

The quintet of not very Italian sounding Mark Seasons (vocals), Symon Ray (lead guitar), Danny Ghale (rhythm guitar), Paul J. Price (bass) and the much more Italian sounding Federico Spagnoli (drums) grew up together and formed out of the common dream to live for music and build a fanbase to share their experiences. They’ve honed an exciting sound that combines moments of melancholy with unadulterated power and aggression.

The band releases their debut album next month and think it may surprise a few people. Mark told us: “The new album is very different from our debut EP Paramnesia. Compared to it, Promise made a huge step ahead in terms of quality. We expect fans to appreciate the new sound we wanted for this album; we hope they can identify in our state of mind, so we can fully share our emotions with them.”

The first taster of this is the huge latest single Thank You For The Venom. It opens with background synth then launches into a huge dark metal wall of noise that continues through a blitz of screamed vocals. Huge low-tuned guitars power into the second verse with more screamed vocals, then a blood-curdling scream brings in a more melodic pre-chorus and a more singalong chorus. The huge screams return and link back to another melodic chorus. It’s pretty huge! Check it out in the video below:

They’ve also just released a video for the second single from the new album, Keys and Locks. It sounds equally huge, with a bit of cheeky synth thrown in for good measure. Check it out in the video below:

The band has drawn influence from the likes of metal giants like Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Slipknot and Memphis May Fire, Underoath and August Burns Red to hone their hard-hitting style, but it’s far from your standard metal sound.

As Mark explains: “Our sound fits many listeners; it’s both aggressive and melodic, with powerful vocals, explosive drums and epic orchestral samples.

“We write music both for us and our fans, it’s cool to create something that belongs to you, with your ideas and influences in it. Our lyrics address topics such as society and measures taken by people that, even if oppressed, are able to find hope in what they believe in the most.”

We also asked Mark for his take on the Italian rock scene, on which he said: “It’s not easy at all; there are good rock/metal bands in Italy but the music industry focuses on pop and rap artists, so it’s hard to emerge.

“But like we always say to our fans, don’t give up on their dreams. We know that many times can be hard, but you can’t know what future holds for you, so stay strong, and the rewards will be huge.”

Thank You For The Venom is out now, and the debut album Promise will be released on 16 March.

You can follow Forbidden Seasons on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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