Introducing: Vrillon

Grunge is usually filled with angst. But what happens when you’re just a bit too knackered to be pissed off all the time? Enter, Vrillon. This Bath-based four-piece are taking the essence of grunge and merging it will chilled-out yet psyched-out grooves.

The band comprises of vocalist/bassist Will Hegarty, lead guitarist/vocalist Charlie Quarren-Evans, guitarist Henry Goddard and drummer George Armstrong. While having formed around two years ago, the band admit they have only started taking their music seriously in the last 12 months. And their focused energy is paying off.

Their latest release, Find You, is a departure from their excellently dark and energetic debut release, Halloween Special (Slips Away). Instead, it explores a softer side of Vrillon, in equally impressive measures. It’s a mellow track, yet also bold and atmospheric at the same time. The guitars shimmer while the vocals are filled with yearning. It is possible to feel so sad and hopeless, yet simultaneously so uplifted and optimistic? Readers, it appears so.

The band describe their sound as ‘dreamy, gritty and powerful’. And it’s not hard to see why. There are elements of Mac Demarco slackerness in their tunes, but also a youthful dark rawness. Will Hegarty explains: “We’re sort of like a grunge band that got bored of grunge and started to chill out more, rather than being angry all the time.”

The sound also is perhaps a reflection on their varied inspirations. “Our influence can come from anywhere, from music that we listen to or from events that have happened. Usually the lyrics come first then the meanings sort of fall into place, so a lot of it is down to personal interpretation. Though I’d say a lot of the lyrics could be seen as stories of trying to overcome struggles,” says Will.

The summer ahead looks to be an exciting time for the band. With a debut EP expected to be released soon, as well as number of shows planned and a potential recording session – it’s busy times ahead. “And expect a hell of a lot of spooky photos,” Will warns.

Follow Vrillon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check out their songs on Spotify.

You can vote for Vrillion to play at Isle of Wight on

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