Introducing: Free Galaxy

When a new band describe their sound as “explosive, loud and raw” you can be forgiven for getting a little prematurely excited. But in the case of Kenilworth’s Free Galaxy it’s warranted, as they more than back up their words with their engaging rock sound.

The quartet of Ciaran O’Sullivan, Luke Osmond, Harry Rogers and Callum Ward evolved from jamming during breaks and lunches at six form to practices at their local youth centre.

And drummer Harry told us:After a few months we all realised that is was what we wanted to do and we all left what we were doing to do music together. We were all inspired by different bands that we’d listened to and seen which really made us want to just write our own music and get up on stage.”

And if debut Everlasting is anything to go by, they could well be trading the school and youth centre for much more exciting locations. The song begins with a repeating guitar riff then kicks into brief heavier chords that return throughout engaging vocals over a bassline and backing drums. Palm muted chords support the chorus vocals “What am I doing you’re always asking, Wish I’d been as scared be everlasting, What am I doing you’re always asking, Wishing your life could be everlasting” then bigger chords kick in and support a brief guitar solo.

A heavier verse follows with palm muted chords underneath the big singalong vocals, then flows into another big chorus. A hit of chords follows then a big drum roll brings in a high-pitched, meandering solo that drops into a brief chilled-out pause for breath. A repeating bassline kicks in then the chorus vocals over palm muted chords builds into another brief solo before a big raucous outro.

This is a great debut effort from Free Galaxy, chocked with driving drums and catchy riffs and vocals, with several cheeky solos thrown in for good measure. Check it out below:


On the track, Harry told us: “Everlasting is a catchy and upbeat tune. It’s about bad decisions that people make and not wanting to be involved with them. We have an upbeat alternative rock sound, with melodic vocals and instrumentals that contrast between heavy and soft which gives our songs an up and down feel.”

Harry tells us the band have been inspired by the likes of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Lower Than Atlantis and Smashing Pumpkins, but their writing style varies, which bodes well for their upcoming releases. He said: “We don’t always like to write songs about specific things. We usually start writing a song together and it’s the music and how the song sounds that influences us on the lyrics and meaning of the song.”

The band plans to release second single Treadmill later this month and hope to be back in the studio over the next few months alongside various gigs and as many festivals as possible over the summer. We’re certainly looking forward to hearing more from them.

You can follow Free Galaxy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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