New Band of the Week: Parabyss

We first discovered the power of Parabyss walking into a swiftly filling up O2 Academy Islington and encountering a wall of intense metal noise. Booming vocals were supported by an almighty barrage of two eight-string guitars as a hardy crew of lads moshed away for free t-shirts.

The London-based quintet was initially started by vocalist Giuseppe Di Credico and guitarist Dean Mills, who were joined by Sicilian lead guitarist Emanuele Bonura, who played with leading bands like Crimson Wind, Trinakrius, Der Geist in his homeland and found Parabyss through a Born of Osiris cover on his YouTube channel. Kiwi drummer Hayden Gray joined at the same time as Emanuele, then bassist Chris Static, who had previously played in a band with Dean some 13 years ago, completed the line-up just three weeks ago.

Dean explained: “I had been through a few projects that didn’t make it off the ground, so I figured I would write everything myself and get friends from other bands to do guest spots, and Giuseppe was the first person that came to mind, having wanted to work with him in the past.

“Each time we would go to the practice space to work on ideas I’d show him new material, to the point where it just made sense to have him do vocals on all of them.
We weren’t under the impression it would be a band to begin with, but eventually we figured the music was good enough and it would be worth a shot. After a few line up changes, Giuseppe and I have both found truly amazing people and musicians.”

They’ve already played a huge venue inthe O2 Academy and they’re also going into the studio to record their debut album. On the gig, Chris told us: “It was pretty fantastic, I’ve played a lot of venues in the UK with previous bands, but this one was easily the best. The sound we had was awesome and the staff took the time to make it that way.  Couldn’t ask for a better venue for my first gig with Parabyss.

While Giuseppe added: “I must admit, walking out onto that stage was a beautiful feeling. To unleash such a powerful set felt awesome. I’m still buzzing to be honest, great fun, and to play alongside three great bands made the whole experience even better.

“We love live heavy music, so we are aiming to recreate our sound on the album that truly depicts our raw emotion and limitless energy rather than having it totally polished away.”

The guys describe their sound with varying labels, from heavy and melodic through to powerful and groovy, but we’ll leave the final word to Emanuele’s comment of: “Schwifty as fuck.”

They only have demos available for now, but what we have heard sounds pretty huge. Treading On Fearful Ground starts off with a big chugging riff and chunky bass that feed into a huge barrage of screamed vocals supported by slapping bass and hugh-pitched guitars. Then the big riff comes back in as more melodic screamed vocals kick in, in a very much Coal Chamber-esque manner.

While the ominous sounding At The End Of All Things opens up with a cool riff and doomy cymbals then a big scream gives way to a terrifyingly heavy smash of wild bass drum and darting riffs. Big screamed vocals follow supported by wild guitar noise, then drops into a more melodic section of vocals and building background noise, then switches up again with rapped vocals, then chugging guitars give way to big djenty guitars and wild screams.

But there’s also a more melodic side to them that adds a little intrigue, as comes across on For Want Of A Better World:

On their sound, Giuseppe told us: “In layman’s terms I guess you could say that we’re both heavy and melodic. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look, I would say that we have some very skilfully crafted progressive and sometimes djenty music, layered with samples and a range of groovy rhythms mixed with blast beats over laid by a combination of roaring vocals combined with catchy melodies. Every note, word and beat has a purpose, a feeling and a meaning.”

While Hayden added: “I find our sound to be all-encompassing for heavy music fans. Metal can be very cliquey with its sub genres, so I think we strike an excellent balance for those who enjoy melodic vocals, those who enjoy super heavy breakdowns, and those who are into groovy djenty stuff.

And Dean said: “After the (O2 Academy) gig, we had someone say that we are a great gateway band into heavier music. The sound is very dynamic, unpredictable, but like Giuseppe said, everything is done with a purpose, and when people listen to us, I hope they feel it.”

The band have been inspired by a wide range of music, from all the metal bands you’d expect through to pop-punk and post-hardcore, Hayden’s training as a jazz percussionist and Emanuele’s jazz and Bossanova background and love for Scandinavian traditional folk music – which are both definitely a first for us.

While in terms of what inspires them to write, Giuseppe said: “These boys are the real deal. When we’re together I sometimes stand back and admire four musical geniuses at work. When Dean brings his latest musical creation to us to listen to, I can literally feel myself emotionally responding and before I’ve even written a single word, I already have a pretty good idea what the song is going to be about.

“When I write the song lyrics, I draw on my own true life experiences. My songs tell stories about my life, from both the past and present day. It all has to be real because to deliver real emotion you have to believe in what your singing. It can sometimes take me a while to get it right because the vocal rhythms and melodies have to be interesting without losing the plot and the words have to be poetic.”

And Dean added: “When I’m writing music, ideas might come based off the emotion I’m feeling that day or an idea that has just developed over time, but I explore as many different avenues, adding elements and layers, to make sure the foundation of the song is something that I’m excited about when I listen back to it, then I take it to show to the guys to gauge the their reaction, before I finish moulding the songs.”

Parabyss are set to hit the studio shortly to record their album, but have several demo versions of the tracks available on Soundcloud. We can maybe expect a music video alongside releasing their next batch of songs, but playing live is what it’s all about for them.

As Giuseppe says: “We love playing live for you guys. When we’re delivering a storming set from the stage and the crowd is into it, we feel like we’ve won the musical lottery. So spread the word and help us to grow for you.”

You can follow Parabyss on Facebook and check out their music on Soundcloud.

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