Single Review: Oceans reveal ‘Skin’ ahead of EP launch next week

Brighton rockers Oceans, our former New Band of the Week, are back with another banger of a track ahead of the release of a new EP next week.

The quintet of Zach Silver (vocals), Tom Hollands and Conor Hyde (guitars), Jack Warren (bass) and James Gillingham (drums) fly the DIY flag in their attempt to take the underground UK rock scene by storm.

Their latest track Skin is a little different in terms of its subject matter, but is rich with the band’s trademark post-hardcore meets reflective rock sound.

As Conor tells us: “Skin is a reflection of living day to day life with an atopic skin condition, and the self-confidence issues it can cause. It talks of looking into the future and looking past the harder times and, in an ideal world, would help to raise awareness for atopic conditions as they are very overlooked by doctors, yet from experience they cause a lifetime of discomfort.”

As always with Oceans there’s more than a little of Incubus about Skin. It opens up with a rolling guitar sound that flows through a relaxed opening verse, then a burst of guitars lead the way into a more energetic chorus with really cool meandering guitars over high-pitched vocals. Zach’s awesome vocals come to the fore in the second verse, then cries of “don’t lose focus” feed into another winding chorus with more flying guitars.

A more relaxed bridge follows with cool repeating wah guitar and a gradually building guitar noise that flies into a big rock-out guitar section. That ends on a heavier repeated riff, then the guitars continue into a final chorus of cool high-pitched vocals. It’s another great little track from this really exciting band, and we’re looking forward to hearing more on the new EP.

Skin is out now and the EP will be out next Tuesday (13 March), so keep your eyes and ears peeled for it!

You can follow Oceans on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and check out their music on BandcampYouTubeSoundcloud and Spotify.

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