EP Review: Backroads – Faith Left Me, You Did Too

The new-found more melodic edge to Bristol metalcore band Backroads today comes to fruition with the launch of debut EP Faith Left Me, You Did Too.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is anything except deliciously heavy metalcore, as the quintet of Eddie Craven (vocals), Kyle Herbert and Alex Miles (guitars, Jack Ford (drums) and Artur Mizerski Jr. (bass) reveal something special with their first EP.

Faith Left Me, You Did Too opens up with the excellent, and brilliantly named, The Death of Love, which marked a milestone for the band upon its release last month as it was their first song to feature clean vocals.

Opening with gradually building guitar noise then drawn-out guitar chords, ascending high-pitched guitars soon explode into a mass of screamed vocals. A gut-wrenching scream leads into the aforementioned clean vocals followed by a brief spoken section that leads into more clean vocals through a big chorus. Drawn-out guitars return as pounding drums continue through huge screamed vocals, then a brief pause for breath is smashed open by a barrage of massive drums and screams over floating high-pitched guitars. Check it out in the video below:

That’s followed by the heavier Foreshadow, the first single from the EP, which opens with gradually building guitars then a huge wall of screamed vocals are met with a barrage of low-tuned chords then darting guitar riffs. A slightly cleaner chorus of “Take me back to the wasteland that doesn’t exist, Show me creation, Brothers, sisters, return to the Earth” is swiftly followed by another heavier verse. Check it out in the video below:

Next up is the huge I Am Lost, which opens up with a really cool guitar riff of high-pitched guitars countered by bursts of low-tuned notes. A big screamed verse with chunky guitar support follows, then big atmospheric noise over a darting riff feeds into a chorus of massive screams and big floating guitars. The opening guitar riff returns then drops into another screamy verse, followed by a drawn-out bridge of screamed vocals with building guitars that leads into a final blast of the chorus. The song ends on big chuggy, almost electronic sounding guitars and a cool high-pitched guitar noise.

Book Burner opens up with a cool electronic noise and drums then launches into an insanely good metal riff, followed by a big screamed verse. The clean vocals return in an almost singalong chorus – or as near as you get to singalong from Backroads – that ends on the line “I lost your faith, I lost your love” with cool chugging guitar chords in support.

A couple of awesome “bleugh” screams follow as chuggy guitars lead into a spoken section of “The ones you call prophets are the ones sent from below… We’ll be the ones to save you” then an awesome section of static guitar riffs lead into another clean chorus. This is probably the most diverse track on the record, bringing together clean and screamed vocals as well as a whole range of different guitar sounds. Check it out in the video below:

Next, interlude track Drifting begins with a building guitar and background vocal noise, then clean, echoey vocals are soon joined by distant drumbeats as the atmosphere slowly builds, then drops out again.

The EP closes out with A House For Casey, which begins with floaty guitar sounds that continue over harsh, emotional sounding screamed vocals that begin “I stay awake until 4am again, I spent so many nights trying to make this right, Doing my best to survive, Why can’t you see.” That continues for a while until it’s broken up by a barrage of fast-paced guitar chords and floaty guitars supported by rolling, pounding drums that are soon joined by high-pitched vocals over the previous harsh screams. It’s a pretty epic ending to the EP.

On the EP, Kyle told us: “Putting together the EP has been one of the most stressful things in my life. I know that sounds like a crazy over-exaggeration but the guys had already started work on it before I joined the band last and over time we’ve had different musical influences and opinions on how we want to sound so there have been constant changes in the writing.

“We also knew we wanted this to be the best music we could put out, so rather than just throwing an EP to the world for the sake of it we’d rather take the time to give out music we’re proud of.”

This is a superb debut effort from Backroads, which immediately puts them on the map of ever-increasing awesome up-and-coming UK metal bands.

You can see the band live at their EP launch party at the Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham tonight, tickets are here, and at The Fleece in Bristol supporting Betraying The Martyrs tomorrow night, tickets for that are here.

Faith Left Me, You Did Too is out now, and available on iTunesSpotify and Deezer.

You can follow Backroads on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp and YouTube.

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