Set sail with Rusty Shipp onboard ‘SS Naronic’

Nautical themed Nashville rockers Rusty Shipp, who we first introduced you to in May, are back with a typically thought-provoking, catchy new single SS Naronic.

The band’s frontman Russ T Shipp – see what they did there? – says the latest single to be taken from their debut album, Mortal Ghost, “is a gnarly, heavy-hitting, grunge rock ballad with an infectious hook in the chorus and experimental guitar riffs throughout.”

Without giving you a boring history lesson, the SS Naronic was a ship that mysteriously vanished in February 1893. The only record of its passing was several messages left in bottles that washed ashore and were allegedly written by passengers while the ship was sinking.

As Russ tells us: “The lyrics were taken straight from these written messages, but we’ve brought more of the philosophical and theological angst we imagine would have been present in such a hopeless scenario.”

The resulting lyrics are fairly haunting, including the sombre lines: “Our ship is sinking fast beneath these cold ocean waves and we can’t see a thing, Oh God please tell me there is more than this, that this cold abyss is not the end, Tell me it’s more than an accident, a warning to teach a lesson, show me how it’s all part of the plan.” While the lyrics “So bottle up this letter, lest there be no record of us, and pray they don’t think it’s all a hoax, Goodbye all, no time to say more,” are equally poignant.

In stark contrast, the track is heavy yet upbeat with cool fuzzy guitar chords and fast-paced grungey riffs, and goes out with a cool repeating “This is a warning” and guitar chords, then ends a poignant spoken “The sea is one way I wouldn’t want to die.” You have to listen to pretty hard to catch the forlorn lyrical themes in this highly enjoyable track built around a really intriguing topic.

The single is accompanied by an animated music video that shows a surprising and imaginative twist on how the tragic fate of the SS Naronic could have actually had a happy ending. Check it out below:

SS Naronic is out now, as is the debut album Mortal Ghosts. You can check them out on SoundcloudSpotify, iTunes and YouTube.

And, you can set sail with Rusty Shipp on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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