Introducing: Creature of Habit

Chester three-piece Creature of Habit have struck gold in finding their musical direction with their latest single Weight in Gold. Working in tandem with Arcane Roots producer Chris Coulter for this release, the trio have created a song that balances calmness and heaviness in equal measure.

Creature of Habit was born out of frontman Joe becoming disillusioned with peoples’ expectations of ‘what type’ a band should be and choosing to write music without any preconceptions. He soon realised that writing best suited a three-piece band and was soon joined by drummer Danny and bassist Liam, and they’ve since been busy honing their own style.

As Joe tells us: “I would say we’re a rock band that love a big riff but there’s also moments of calm and plenty of hooks to go with it. We try not to be bound by genres and what people expect to hear so be prepared for twists and turns within a single track and don’t be surprised to hear a little piano line explode into a huge riff.”

Latest single Weight in Gold represents a development and maturing of the Creature of Habit sound since their debut EP Horizons and is rich in that almost Arcane Roots-esque grandiose.

It kicks off with a big blast of guitar chords, which soon drop out and light guitar flickers support a relaxed opening verse of the laidback vocals: “Take your own advice and choose, the light won’t move the shadows in the room, No-one else can wear your shoes, After all you never you knew how much you’d lose.” Heavier guitars kick in and the vocals respond by increasing in intensity alongside by fast bursts of bass drum.

A big chorus kicks in and ends with the screamed line “Silence is worth its weigh in” then a smash of guitars takes over, and ends on a really cool section of diving guitars. Repeats of “the silence” come in over the big guitar noise, and eventually ends with “is worth its weight in gold.” A much-needed pause for breath follows with light guitars, then repeats of “We will try not to fall” is accompanied by a building guitar chord that continues under repeats of “Worth its weight in.” Then the booming guitar riffs make a welcome return to bring the song to a huge ending.

This is a superb track, and you can check it out in the band’s first music video below:

Joe told us: “Horizons was the result of over a year as a band so the sounds on it really changed as we did. We describe Weight in Gold as a story so far track and it really is true. What we did on Horizons helped us find what we were looking for in terms of a sound and Weight in Gold is a direct result of that. It’s definitely more indicative of the direction we’re going in and If Horizons could be classed as a demo of us experimenting with different sounds, then Weight in Gold is the result of that.”

As previously mentioned, the track was produced with Arcane Roots producer Chris Coulter, on whom Joe tells us: “Working with Chris is one of the best choices we’ve made as a band. Not only has he produced some of our favourite records, we also learnt so much about the recording process whilst with him. If it wasn’t for Chris, I genuinely don’t think we would have achieved what we have with Weight in Gold.”

It’s safe to say there’s one particular band that has the strongest bearing on Creature of Habit’s music, but they also draw influence from the likes of Biffy Clyro and Muse, as well as anything from The Smiths and Radiohead to James Black and Bert Jansch.

Joe explains: “As a three-piece, we naturally look up to other three-piece bands, some of which influence us and some we just enjoy listening to. One of my main influences as a musician is Arcane Roots, I just appreciate the musicianship that goes into each and every track. They successfully bring together different types of music and that really draws me.

“Our influences really do span a wide range of music and that undoubtedly has a bearing on the music we create. Liam is a huge fan of Shakira but I don’t think I can nail that vocal style so I doubt we’ll be creating any Shakira-esque tunes anytime soon!”

While in terms of his lyrical writing, Joe explains: “I’ve always written quite personally and I think that’s a natural thing to do for musicians and artists in general. I do try to make the topics accessible though and Weight in Gold is as much about personal battles as it is mental health in general. It’s more about being more considerate to the people we meet. There’s so much going on in peoples’ lives that we know nothing about and we’re all guilty of becoming a little too self-absorbed at times. So, Weight in Gold is personal to some degree but more to do with people in general.”

There’s plenty more to come from the band, they’re currently working on a few demos ahead of working with Chris again for their second EP, which should hopefully be released later this year. They’ll also be playing gigs throughout the year, starting with a gig in Wrexham in May, so keep your eye out for them on their gigs page here.

Weight in Gold is out now and available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. You can follow Creature of Habit on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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