Single Review: L Sicario – Away From The Numbers

The deliciously cool desert rock sound of London’s L Sicario is back with a couple of cracking new tracks that highlight the band’s ability to keep us guessing.

Lead single Away From The Numbers sees guitarist Chris take on lead vocal duties, with regular lead vocalist Niko resuming the mantle on B-track Well Runs Dry – a move that they tell us reflects part of the magic of the L Sicario live show.

Firstly, Away From The Numbers opens with a lone bassline then an effects-ridden guitar that continues over a trippy opening verse. Been staying up too late, You haven’t seen the light for days, Your sink of dishes overflowing. Is your body feeling rough, Still smoking that stuff, Been drinking less than thinking.” A burst of guitar picks the pace up and the vocals become a little faster “Getting high with the numbers, You’ve gotta get away, Just getting high with the numbers, They can’t stop you thinking your way.”

More trippy vocals continue through a more upbeat second verse, then backing vocals kick in ahead of a second singalong verse. Then a repeat of guitar chords build towards repeats of “Getting away with the numbers,” followed by cool bursts of high-pitched guitars over distant backing vocals repeat the same line towards a fade-out outro.

Then Well Runs Dry opens up with a funky desert rock riff and a big chunky bassline, which continues through meandering, echoey vocals alongside bursts of high-pitched guitars. The vocals suddenly burst into life, then drop into a cool echoey cry of “the shadow of a doubt,” then the song comes alive with a really cool jumpy guitar riff that swiftly drops back into the echoey verse. The second chorus is followed by a blitz of funky guitars, then kicks into more upbeat vocals that drop into an ascending bassline with bursts of high-pitched guitars. A guitar slide ushers into in a big wah-wah solo, then a blast of heavy chords that bring the song to a rocky end.

You can check both tracks out now on Spotify.

On the new tracks, Niko told us: “Away From The Numbers is a Psychedelic garage stomper, followed by a rapturous ode to heavy blues rock n roll in Well Runs Dry. Whereas Interstellar was more of a laid back desert funk, these both have that desert feel and a groove but with more urgency. We actually recorded all three at the same time and we think these show some of the range of our sound.

“People can expect to have both songs in their head from first listen, Away From The Numbers will have you dancing and you’ll be air-drumming to the outro of Well Runs Dry. These are two staples from our live set and always get the crowd going!”

As mentioned, a key feature of the new tracks is switching up who takes on the lead vocals. Niko told us: “All of us singing lead and swapping from song to song is one of the main features of our band, at gigs we’ll all do a few songs each and our fans really enjoy it. It’s great to now be able to get that across with our recorded music as we start to release more songs and it is something people can expect to see more of.

“We all love to write and sing so generally whoever writes the song will sing it and we think this gives us an extra dimension and variety as our different musical tastes come through. The contrast between Away From The Numbers and Well Runs Dry illustrates this well.”

Away From The Numbers and Well Runs Dry and you can check them out on Spotify. You can also see the band perform these tracks as they play Camden Assembly tomorrow (24 March). More info on all their upcoming gigs is here.

You can follow L Sicario on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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