Introducing: Sound Drown

Canadian rockers Sound Drown are on a mission to rejuvenate the pop-punk genre, which they feel is being killed off by mainstream media.

The quartet, from the port city of Saint John in New Brunswick, was originally formed by Brandon Wiseman (lead vocals and bass) back in 2014. He began testing the band’s chemistry by playing cover songs and gradually evolved the lineup with the additions of Nick Ryan (lead guitar and vocals), Justin Goss (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Drew Neathway (percussion). With a settled lineup in place, the band has honed a sound that they describe to us as “energetic, loud and melodic.”

Collectively inspired by the pop-punk classics like Sum 41, Blink-182 and A Day To Remember with a heavier edge from the likes of rock and metal bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach, System Of A Down and I Prevail. They’re driven to write about all the usual topics, from life and love through to “a drive and ambition to create something more,” and the result is a fun pop-punk sound.

Their latest single is about as pop-punk as it gets, from the title Kiss The Girl through to the feel-good singalong vocals, the scared teen lyrics, catchy punky chords and Sum 41-like fast-paced guitar solos.

Kiss The Girl, released in December, opens up with a fast-paced blast of guitar then an opening verse of “There you see her, Sitting there across the way, She ain’t got a lot to say but there’s something about her, And you don’t know why but you’re dying to try, You wanna kiss the girl” over palm-muted guitars. The guitars continue through a second verse that continues the story “Yeah, you want her, Look at her, you know you do, It’s possible she wants you too , But there’s one way to ask her, And it don’t take a word not a single word, Until you kiss the girl.”

That’s followed by a fun singalong chorus “Sha la la la la la, My oh my, Looks like that boy’s too shy, Ain’t gonna kiss the girl” followed by a fast-paced guitar solo. Another verse ends on big vocals, then the guitars drop out leaving Brandon singing “Sha la la la la” over clapped accompaniment, then rolls into more repeats of “Sha la la la” and variations of the chorus vocals. It’s simple, deliciously catchy and massively pop-punk.

They released their debut EP Dino Droppings last year, which is chocked full of similarly pop-punk goodness, such as final track That One Song. But there’s also hints of heaviness, as with opening track Living Song which, in amongst the singalong pop-punk choruses, features ADTR-esque breakdowns and more intense shouted vocals.

While second track Bittersweet Fault Line opens up with a big hit of punky guitar chords then flow into a blitz of energetic vocals that dominate a fast-paced opening verse, which begins with the line “I woke up in a stranger’s bed just to keep you off my mind.” The fun fast-paced smash of lyrics “‘Cos I’m so sick of never-ending, condescending, all-manipulating actions from a mind we know too well” comes in then gives way to a fast-paced chorus.

It’s always interesting to hear new bands’ thoughts on the state of the industry, especially those from outside the UK. Brandon tells us: “It’s pretty clear that the music industry is NOT okay for new bands and that it’s incredibly difficult to make an exceptional living from it. However, people in a different position than us need to start working with newer bands more often to start changing the state of things.”

The band are currently in the process of booking gigs and are always looking to play more shows with more people, so get involved! Their upcoming gigs as here. As Brandon says: “To play music in front of new people in new cities anywhere we can. Musically, to keep creating bigger and better songs along with more content for fans to connect with, trying to live off of it while music sales are dwindling.”

You can follow Sound Drown on Facebook and Instagram, where you can stay up to date on new and their creative process, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp and YouTube.







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