EP Review: Our Lives In Cinema – All Talk

London’s energetic punk / post-hardcore quartet Our Lives In Cinema have impressed once again with their second EP All Talk.

The new EP sees the band find a happy medium between retaining their trademark fast-paced, energetic punk approach while toning down the franticness of their unique sound just a touch.

All Talk kicks off with It’s Always Sunny in Paterson Park, which kicks off with a rolling guitar riff, then a guitar slide gives way to a heavier punky chord sequence then repeating high-pitched guitar bursts over driving drums in a high-energy intro. Mark’s trademark rapid vocals kick in an energetic opening verse, then the guitars and drums drop down a little leaving Mark’s vocals in a pre-chorus. They then fly into a fast and furious chorus followed by a big punk rock-out that leads into another high-speed second verse.

The second chorus is followed by a section of chugging guitar chords then Mark’s vocals “I’ve done the math, I’m not a good man, I’ve thought it through and I have no plan, I’d better start, I’d better start, I’d better start thinking about my heart” repeat. More punky guitars kick in then drop out for repeats of “I’d better start thinking about my heart,” then a brief pause gives way to a final blast of the chorus. It’s a fun, engaging start to the EP.

Talk You Up! begins with drawn-out chords, then flies into heavier punky chords and driving drums that flow into a high-energy blast of vocals. That flows into a fun pre-chorus of drawn-out vocals that begins “I’m a drinker, You are lazy” and builds up to high-pitched vocals “I will, I will, I will talk you up.” More aggressive vocals finish off the second verse, then the cool pre-chorus kicks in once more, then there’s a brief pause for breath after the second chorus before blasting into a big smash of impressively fast, unrelenting vocals over a cool high-pitched guitar riff that eventually gives way to the final chorus. Check it out in live format in the video below:

Final track Every Year Is A Mountain opens up with a cool fast-paced guitar riff, then drawn out guitars tee up an edgy, funky opening verse. Then building vocals “Not sleeping, not dreaming, we win, everything” repeat then drop back into a second verse. A repeat of the building vocals flows into a heavier chorus dominated by Mark’s vocals but with cool punky guitars in the background. A funky little riff follows it supported by palm-muted chords, then drops into a final chorus.

This is a really fun, high-energy EP that builds on the band’s sound from their opening EP, fusing Mark’s engaging, high-speed vocals with fun punky instrumentals.

As frontman Mark Bartlett tells us: “We recorded the EP over 5 days with Ricky Beetlestone (Drawstring, All These Years, Moose Blood) at The Clubhouse Studio in Tunbridge Wells. We deliberately set out to get the biggest, brightest, most bombastic sound we could and we feel this one is a massive improvement over the last EP in both production and songwriting terms. We’re a lot more comfortable and confident as a group, and lyrically a bit more focused in what we’re trying to say.”

While it sounds all happy and feel-good, Mark tells us the lyrics are often far from it (and a disclaimer from us, it gets a bit soppy). Mark explains: “These songs are mostly about some struggles with money I’ve had over the last few years, getting older and trying (mostly failing) to keep my fitness in check… They’re also about trying to help people and be a generally good person, despite not really being mentally well equipped enough to even help myself most of the time, let alone anyone else.

“At the heart of it all a lot of it’s about how much I love my wife, and that underpins the optimism of our sound, even if the lyrics can be bit dreary. These three tracks are fairly poppy and sunny compared to our first record.”

All Talk is out now, and you can buy it here (for just £4) and Bandcamp, and listen to all their music on Soundcloud and Spotify.

You can follow Our Lives In Cinema on FacebookYouTube and Twitter.

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