Kycker aims to kickstart new bands’ music careers

New bands and DIY musicians can now publish and distribute their music across all major stores and earn money from it for free, with the launch of digital platform Kycker.

Officially showcased at Texas emerging music showcase SXSW earlier this month, the free online platform provides DIY musicians with a range of tools that help them manage their careers and earn a sustainable income from their music.

Kycker, conceived and created by a Sheffield music tech startup, claims to be the only music platform that provides artists with free access to music publishing, digital distribution and industry mentorship all in one place. In practice, this means free distribution to more than 850 platforms, including iTunes, Google Play and Spotify, and a chance to claim performance royalties from TV shows and radio broadcasts.

Autumn Palmer, artist development manager at Kycker, explains: “Kycker is a free online tool that artists can use to develop their own careers and start earning money from their music. Using Kycker, artists can distribute their music to all major stores, collect their performance royalties at the click of a button, and access a huge database of educational videos. This is just scratching the surface of what Kycker can do. Did we mention that sign up is totally free? We only earn money when our artists do!”

The platform has been designed by a team with a wealth of expertise across the music industry, from running record labels to developing new artists. As Autumn explains: “Our team has been working in the music industry intensely for the last few years, and during that time we have discovered several things that are either tediously long winded, plain confusing, or simply not feasible for DIY artists. We have seen first hand the issues that artists face, and how difficult it is to build a career in music, so we created Kycker to solve these problems, by giving artists the tools and knowledge they need.

Getting started on Kycker

So how does it work? Autumn explains: “Kycker gives artists a clear route of progression, similar to ‘levelling up’ in a video game. Upon sign up, artists are placed on a tier system, and then progress up the tiers by earning points using the different features of the platform. As they progress, artists are given access to bigger and better live and synchronisation opportunities, afforded to Kycker artists by partners including Songkick, Hootsuite and Gigmit.”

So, if you’re a new rock band and you want to get started, then the process is pretty simple:

  • Head to the website and hit Sign Up
  • Setting up your Kycker account requires a few basic bits of information – band name, social media links, location, band members and songwriters
  • Then, to create a release, you’ll need a 16 / 24 bit WAV file of your track, and a high quality JPEG artwork image
  • Simply upload your files, select your release dates, and submit
  • You can select a pre-order date, a streaming exclusive date and your main release date

And bosh, job’s a good’un. Once Kycker’s admin team has checked your release, just to make sure you haven’t just claimed Oasis’ Wonderwall as your own work, they go about sending your release to all major stores and streaming platforms.

Autumn told us: We designed Kycker to provide ALL the tools that emerging artists need in one place, so that’s what we’ve made. We are also constantly open to ideas and suggestions for tools and services that we can build in to Kycker. If artists need it, we want to know about it!”

Grow with Kycker

To aid you along the way, Kycker also houses a hub of video content hosted by notable music industry organisations, such as BBC Introducing, PRS For Music, Musician’s Union, designed to provide insight into the nitty-gritty areas of the music business. These videos are catered to apply to artists of all levels, covering standard topics such as music publishing, branding and live events all the way up to grant funding and advanced music production.

‘Levelling up’ on the platform enables you to unlock more advanced video content relevant to higher level artists, along with access to opportunities such as joining Kycker’s gig networking partner Off Axis and exclusive live applications with Gigmit and much more.

The platform launched at SXSW, in Austin, Texas, earlier this month, on which Autumn told us: “Our showcase at SXSW was amazing. We had Latitude 30 (the British Music Embassy) for a full night on the Sunday, where we put on LIFE, Emme Woods and Wyldest. The night was packed out, with people queueing out onto San Jacinto Boulevard. We met loads of cool artists and industry people that we are building relationships with, so we may have even more awesome partnerships coming through soon that provide some new opportunities for our users!”

Autumn tells us that anything Kycker doesn’t yet provide they will soon be integrating into the platform with their industry partners. The team will be appearing at plenty of events through the rest of the year, including Liverpool Sound City in May, and new partnerships and content will be rolled out constantly, ahead of launching the platform in the USA later in the year.

If you’ve read this and you like what you hear then sign up now at the Kycker website.

Autumn adds: “We love talent, and we want to see it thrive! So if you are a DIY artist who is currently paying to distribute their music, or want to start collecting your royalties, or even just want to learn a little about the music industry, sign up now!”

You can follow Kycker on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for the platform here and find out more on their website.

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