EP Review: Pretty Pistol – Welcome To The Dead Club

The unmistakable raucous punk sound of south London’s Pretty Pistol returns with a second EP that sees the London band stamp their mark on the UK’s punk scene.

Led by the trademark vocal attack of frontwoman Laura Le Rox alongside Billy Larsen (guitar), Rich Cooper (bass) and Emma Waller (drums), our New Band of the Week from almost a year ago always excite with their high-octane, raw punk sound. And their second EP Welcome To The Dead Club, on which they worked with John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, The Darkness, Architects), sees them raise the bar from their debut effort Bones.

Welcome To The Dead Club opens up with its lead single, the fast-paced punk romp Cry Wolf, which we reviewed back in November. It opens up with cries of “Cry wolf, cry wolf” from Laura alongside a fast-paced guitar riff. The guitars drop down through the verse, with a meandering riff supporting shouted vocals then dives straight back into the heavier chorus of “Cry wold, cry wolf, Welcome to the dead club.” A bridge of building guitars follows, then flies into a final smash of the energetic chorus, which ends with big shouts of “cry cry cry.” It’s an impressive, high-octane start to proceedings. Check it out in the video below:

Next, Drive Me To The Dogs opens up with a cool little bassline, which leads into a vocal-led fast-paced verse. The vocals are big and brash with Laura smashing out high-pitched shouts into a chorus of “Drive me back to your dogs,” with a really cool . Watch it below in the video:

Hurricane opens up with a really cool bassline which is then imitated by a repeating guitar riff. High-pitched guitars kick in under a trademark burst of fast vocals in the opening verse. Blood money and you’re wearing me down, I can sleep through hurricans, You won’t burn me I’m too damn cold” which launches into a verse of “This is the curse of the dead club, I won’t shake.” The opening riff jumps back in after the second chorus then repeats of “When they see me coming, They’re gonna be running” feeds into a final verse and chorus then ends on more of the cool riff.

And the unrelenting pace continues to the end as the EP closes out with No Guts (This Is Glory), which opens up with the line “Blood is thicker when you’re cutting deeper, Ice is getting thinner it’s between me and you.” A big riff kicks in alongside big driving drums, then a lone bassline supports more angsty vocals “Veins won’t shatter, Push the blade down deeper, I won’t run for cover, This is in your hands.” A cool rolling riff comes in under fast-paced heavier vocals, then a long guitar note is held under cries of “No guts this is glory” then drops into driving guitar chords under repeated shouts of “I am the voice inside your head.”

It’s a great way to end a high-energy EP of short sharp punky goodness, of which Laura tells us: “Our first EP Bones was us finding our feet. We covered a lot of ground across four songs, so the next step for us was to figure out what we’re good at and do it even better. That’s what Welcome to the Dead Club is – it’s us moving up a gear. We’re really excited for people to hear it, and we really think it’s gonna excite people.”

Pretty Pistol have three London gigs coming up this month, starting with GetBent Presents at The Scream Lounge in Croydon on Friday (13 April) then TOTL Turmoil at St Moritz Club on Saturday (14 April) and a show alongside Eva Plays Dead at Thousand Island (formerly upstairs at The Garage) on 28 April. More info on their upcoming gigs is here.

As Laura tells us: “We’ve got a bunch of gigs coming up, we’ll be heading out for a few dates outside of London, go and say hello to the rest of the country, then trash the place and leg it. We’re always writing new songs, so we’re just gonna keep developing as songwriters, keep working on new ideas and see where it takes us.”

Welcome To The Dead Club is out on Friday (13 April). You can follow Pretty Pistol on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and check out their music on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

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