EP Review: SEASONS – Chapters

Bedfordshire’s finest SEASONS return with a brilliant new record that takes their fusion of delicious rocky riffs with approachable, catchy vocals to another level this Friday (20 April).

One of our first New Bands of the Week way back in October 2016, the band’s third EP demonstrates their evolution both as band members and with a more ’emotional’ sound.

As guitarist Steve Watts explains: “This is definitely the most emotionally involved collection of music that we have written as a band. The name comes from the idea that the songs are based around a subject that each of us has had connections with or experienced in our own lives, each one a chapter of our lives if you like. We want people to feel the emotion in each song and to really connect and relate to that.

“We all have the same view that music and lyrics, in particular, can have such a strong influence on a life whether it’s giving them strength to battle through a tough time, or showing them they aren’t alone in their emotions. We hope that behind the big riffs and catchy choruses, people hear the messages in the songs and enjoy them on that level too!”

This is clear from the off on opening track and lead single Getaway, which opens up with a jumpy guitar riff that continues over “Woh-oh” vocals then feeds into a laid-back opening verse. That then explodes into a big singalong chorus which opens up with repeats of “No you won’t break me,” then the “Woh-oh” vocals are answered by “You’re bringing me to my knees, I gotta get up there, gotta get up there” from vocalist Grant Tuffs. A second chorus is followed by a smash of guitars and a big drum roll that feed into a final chorus that’s given an extra edge by blitzes of high-pitched guitar. Check the song out in the video below:

One Last Night opens with pounding drums and a building guitar riff then kicks into a high-pitched guitar riff, which continues through an energetic opening verse that ends on the line “But you don’t know what I go through, ‘Cos we are not the same.” A singalong chorus follows and ends on a fast-paced riff, which gives away to chunky guitar chords, which soon drop out in a more chilled out second verse that ends on the line “I will never really know you.” The pace suddenly picks up again for the chorus, which is again followed by a big smash of guitars that feed into a final blast of the chorus.

Next, EP title track Chapters shows SEASONS at their diverse finest, kicking off with a naughty little guitar riff that drops into a verse led by Grant’s delicate vocals. The vocals increase in intensity as they build towards a ridiculously catchy singalong chorus of “We keep fighting to take back control, But sometimes we can’t wait on our own, We keep fighting to take back control of our lives, So we create a new chapter.” The big riff returns to link into a second verse, which again starts light and delicate then explodes into big chords and bigger vocals into an extended chorus. A cool riff kicks in then huge vocals “Why are you waiting for me” from Grant in a bridge into a final chorus.

Feel Alive opens up with a cool high-pitched guitar lick that drops into a laid-back opening verse then bursts into life in the chorus “I can feel alive again, Now that we’re more than just friends, The old days have come to an end,” then really cool repeats of “to an end, to an end.” It gets a bit saucy in the second, again laid-back, verse with the lyrics “We are making love, And I can rip your clothes off when I want, We are all grown up and we have learned to love, Didn’t know you were into this when we were younger” then drives into another catchy chorus. That brings in huge booming guitar chords under cries of “You’re everything I need, you’re everything I wanted” by Grant, then a little solo feeds into a final chorus.

The EP closes out with Consequences, which begins slowly with clean guitar lick supporting Grant’s meandering vocals, then a dirty fuzzy riff kicks in under the vocals “You and them, See our world, You and them” then drop out as the vocals “See how cold it is for them, It feels like there’s no tomorrow but tomorrow comes again” continue. That pattern repeats throughout, with big smashes of vocals followed by chilled out, relaxed sections, then ending on another fuzzy riff that feeds into a big final chorus.

On the EP,  drummer James Noble explains: “Chapters for me is a special record for two reasons. It shows the development in SEASONS and how the band has evolved and matured in the last three years. Secondly, the songs represent real issues that we all have been through and that everyone goes through. We want people to connect with songs and to reach out to our fans that go through hard times and to know that there is hope and it is ok to talk about these issues.”

While guitarist Matt Turnbull adds: “As a band, we wanted to create a record that reflects times in our life where we have needed to be strong and deal with certain battles. We hope that in turn people can relate to this EP as more than just a music lover but as regular people who have day-to-day struggles and to know that they’re not alone. We are incredibly proud of Chapters.

As part of the build-up to the release of Chapters, the band are giving away a brand newFender Squire guitar to one lucky person. To be in with a chance of getting your hands on the prize, click here to pre-order and the guitar could be yours!

The winner will be announced at a special EP release show at The Camden Assembly next Saturday (28 April), with support from Renegade Twelve and You Win Again Gravity. Tickets are available here.

Chapters is out on Friday (20 April) and available for pre-order here. You can follow SEASONS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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