Introducing: Crossing The Limits

Uplifting, fun, singalong punk rock filled with positive vibes is the name of the game for emerging Norwich band Crossing The Limits.

The quintet of Rachael Holland (vocals), Tom Colmans (rhythm guitar), Dan Smith (lead guitar), Tim Clements (bass) and Ben Brennan (drums) have the Internet to thank for their coming together. Rachael was keen to put a band together so posted a load of ads online and soon began putting the pieces together to form what has long been her dream.

As she explains: “I’ve always loved music, I was singing all the time as a kid and I used to really be into writing stories, which later just turned into songwriting. Music is such an outlet for us all its our escape. Being in a band is great, I love that it’s a team effort and if you’re on stage and you fuck up you’ve got your four best friends behind you to back you up. Being a part of Crossing the Limits means I’m able to tell my stories through song and I love that.”

The band released debut EP Perseverance earlier this month, on which Rachael tells us: “It’s a really uplifting EP, the songs are full of energy. The EP really touches on getting through tough times, staying positive and keeping it moving.”

The EP was self-released, and Rachael says going through the process themselves was all about planning. She told us: “There’s two sides of being in a band, there’s the making songs and playing side and then there’s this other side that involves a ton of planning and organising. It can get tough finding that balance sometimes but this is what we love to do so we get it done. We’re also working with Inception PR for the release of our EP, which is really great for us as they’re pushing our music to lots of places and it’s a massive help.”

The EP kicks off in fun fashion with opening track Won’t Settle, with its catchy singalong chorus “I’m waiting for us to be something, You should know I won’t settle for nothing, I’m thinking you’re not worth it at all, You want it so much but I won’t settle for nothing” in among more laid-back verses. Check it out in the video below:

That’s followed by Predictable, which kicks off with fun punky chords that lead into a fast-paced verse of vocals over gradually building guitar chords. A big singalong chorus follows “You’re so predictable, Fall in line with everybody else, I won’t be sorry for being myself no more.” It’s catchy, fun and driven along by classic punky chords, what’s not to love? Check it out in the lyric video below:

Reverse switches things up a little, opening up with a cool little meandering guitar lick leading into an opening verse that gradually builds into a faster, catchy chorus. The second chorus flows into high-pitched guitars under big vocals, then it all drops out with the line “You wrap me up in your lies, But I can see through the lines this time” that feeds into a last blast of the chorus.

And the EP continues in the same catchy vein in the singalong Chaos, then concludes with My Own Way, which opens up with a cool little riff under drawn-out guitar chords then drops into a lively opening verse. Repeats of “I’m never coming down” lead into a fast-paced chorus then drops into another singalong verse. There’s a very positive vibe about the EP as a whole, but particularly the ‘believe in yourself’ feel-good vocals of this final track.

As you’ll be able to tell from their sound, the band have taken influence from the usual punk rock bands, with a particular mention for State Champs, while Rachael calls out Avril Lavigne as her personal musical inspiration – love it! But Rachael sums up the band’s sound when she tells us: “I’d say our music is really uplifting and fun. I’d hope our music can put someone in a better mood if they’re having a bad day. It’s also pretty ballsy so in that sense, I would say it’d fill you with confidence. We want our music to influence people in a positive way. We’re all about those positive vibes.”

And when it comes to what inspires them to write music, Rachael explains: “Life, people in my life or no longer in my life. I’ll never write about something I haven’t been through, I wouldn’t know how to. I have to feel super strongly about something to care enough to write about it. I’ve tried writing songs before about things that I came to realise I wasn’t actually that bothered about and scrapped the lyrics mid-way.

“Key topics are people in my life that have had an effect on me in any kind of way. I can put a name to every song! I also like talking to myself through songwriting, for example Chaos was literally me trying to tell myself to keep going, even though it didn’t feel easy at that time.”

The band are hoping to be on the road as much as possible, ahead of getting back into the studio to work on new music over the summer, kicking off with a gig at Verve Bar in Leeds tonight (19 April), then The Waterfront in Norwich tomorrow night (20 April). More info on all their shows is here.

So get yourself out there and see them, as Rachael explains: “We’re chill as fuck and love talking to and meeting new people, so come to a show, let’s hang out or drop us a message over social media. We wanna stay as connected to our fans as much as possible.”

Perseverance is out now, and available on their website and on Spotify. And you can follow Crossing The Limits on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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