Introducing: Foredawn

Despite releasing their debut single just two months ago, Italian quartet Foredawn are already impressing with their powerful vocal-led rock sound.

The Milanese quartet is formed of siblings Irene (vocals) and Ivan Franco (drums), who are joined by Mattia Stilo and Riccardo Picchi on guitars. As Irene tells us: “What unites us is our passion, the desire to work and improve everyday, together. This is what always pushed me to be part of a band. Now we are a family and the most important thing for us is to remain united until we feel to do it, despite everything.”

They released debut single Nightfire in February, ahead of the launch of their debut self-titled album at the end of last month. The track opens up with synthy noises then dives into a verse of darting guitars under drawn-out vocals, which soon intensify with cries of “Here I am, Live in sorrow, Here I am.” Chugging guitar chords follow the second chorus, then give way to a huge guitar solo that eventually leads into a last blast of the chorus.

The album is packed with powerful vocals and booming guitar riffs that keep you wanting more. Epitomising that is second track Eternal Fight, which opens up with drawn-out guitars then flies into a fast-paced mini guitar solo. Irene’s big vocals kick in through an energetic verse, then chugging riffs give way to a huge vocal-led chorus that begins “I don’t care about feeling pain, All I want to do is believe in something.” It’s high on energy throughout with funky synth sounds thrown in to mix things up.

That’s followed by Insidious Dark, which opens with an exciting guitar riff then booming chords under Irene’s dominating vocals then flow into a big singalong chorus. A big guitar solo over driving drums and chords takes us through to a final chorus, check it out in the video below:

The album continues in a similar vein through to the powerful final track Nightmare, which sees really cool fast-paced guitars bulleting along in support of Irene’s engaging vocals.

Then, as one last treat, they finish the album off with a dark, hard-hitting cover version of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) with guest male vocals.

On the album, Irene tells us: “This came from the need for expressing thoughts, feelings and gestures which cause us pain and make us fragile, hoping that sharing will make us free from the heavy weight that we bring. All the songs are united by this theme. They contain pain and hope, at the same time. We are sure that there’s a lot to learn and that we have to count on ourselves because nobody could take on the responsibility of our fights.”

The band takes inspiration from a wide range of music, from Mattia’s education on 1970s British music to Irene’s love for Lady Gaga and the more metal influences on Ricciardo and Ivan, to hone a sound that Mattia describes as “enveloping, overwhelming and sometimes unpredictable.” And he adds: “I can’t describe our sound in an exhaustive way, but what I can say is that it’s impossible to remain indifferent to the impact given by our songs. Feel to believe!”

And on what shapes the Foredawn sound, Irene tells us: “What influences us is simply what surrounds us and our personal experiences. The key themes are our feelings, one above all is the fear of facing life and its difficulties. But it’s not really all so gloomy, because we also talk about hope. We want those who listen to us to recognise themselves and find the inspiration to overcome their obstacles.

While Mattia adds: “We always try to convey emotions through our instruments: what we live, in order to make it live again in music.”

As mentioned several times over the last few months, we’ve met a steady stream of great new bands from Italy. Irene tells us: “In recent years many good bands have been born; in Italy we write a lot of good music. Unfortunately, in our country there’s little space for rock and metal. It’s rare that the most important national radio stations broadcast this kind of music and most people listen to historical bands but don’t have much interest in discovering new bands.

“It’s a real shame because so much beautiful music was written in the world and three or more lives wouldn’t be enough to hear everything! Today, the Internet and social networks offer us the chance to listen to everything we want, but it’s not enough: the bands need to be financially supported, we have to buy their music and to go to their shows. Only in this way we can hope for musical growth in our country.”


Foredawn have plenty of shows scheduled, kicking off this Saturday at Vercelli, and are working on further tours across Italy and further afield to promote the album. More info on all their upcoming gigs is here.

Foredawn is available now on Spotify. And you can follow Foredawn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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