Introducing: Casket Robbery

Wisconsin band Casket Robbery‘s name alone has us excited, but taking a listen to their intensely heavy yet strangely catchy killer death metal riffs and pounding drums has us hooked.

The quartet of vocalist Megan Orvold, guitarists Cory Scheider and Jeremy Kohnmann, and bassist Derek Silloway have a growing reputation State-side for their trademark brutal metal sound infused with horror undertones. As Megan explains: “I think the best way to describe it is brutal, pulse-pounding, in-your-face metal. I don’t like throwing labels on us just because everyone we’ve asked says something different, so it’s just brutal, catchy metal. It’s Casket Metal. Haha. There. Labelled.”

Sounds pretty awesome, huh? Indeed, brutal is the most appropriate word to describe what Casket Robbery throw at us. Pockets Lined With Flowers, the lead single from last year’s intense three-track EP The Ascension, has smashed through 20,000 listens on Spotify and epitomises the band’s unrelenting brutality.

Creepy horror movie-like noise with the faint sound of a baby crying opens it up then a scary cry of “Pockets lined with flowers” ushers in an almighty booming guitar riff and pounding drums. Intense vocals dominate the verses, with driving guitars in support alongside unrelenting double bass drum action. A creepy high-pitched noise comes in over the top of vocals “Decayed bodies, Watch them burn” followed by a brief high-pitched mini guitar solo as the song pounds away. Check it out in the lyric video below:

If anything the intensity increases with the EP’s final track Lilith, opening up with huge guitars and drums alongside booming screamed vocals from Megan, leading into the opening line “Head to toe covered in death.” The huge intro guitars return and give way to a savage verse “This depravity trapped in a, inside a rage, Awake my children from below, Tormented, demented, plagued, Awake my children from below, Monstrous fiends.”

That feeds straight into the chorus, where it gets even more brutal with the screamed lyrics “Terror carnality, She rules in blood, Desire uncontrolled, It was she who tempted Eve.” A wild guitar solo follows supported by pounding bass drum, then more creepy instrumentals support more savage vocal delivery. It’s absolutely huge, and you can check it out below:

And the good news is there’s plenty more to come from Casket Robbery later this year. Megan, who joined the band mid-last year, told us: “I think it’s pretty safe to say you should expect the same brutality, slamming grooves that Casket is pretty known for. We’re going to continue to keep that almost creepy/horror-inspired vibe throughout this next release (which we’re also known for) while adding in some new elements lyrically. I’m very excited about the new stuff and can’t wait to get into the studio and get it out there. It’s gonna be dark, it’s gonna be heavy, and it’s going to be ‘in your face.'”

Musically, Megan draws influence from the likes of Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) and Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy) but, as alluded to earlier, horror has a more powerful influence on the Casket sound.

As Megan explains: “As a band I know all of us are heavily influenced by horror movies. There are many times where we’ll just sit around watching horror movies and draw inspiration from that. Personally, I draw influence from things that I am interested in while still being horror-centric. Our last EP, and the first with me as the vocalist, I drew from things like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Lilith, and the plague. I’m very interested in strong, brutal, horrific females…so any way I can work them into something, I’m all for it. That’s essentially where the lyrics for Lilith came from.”

We’ve not met many bands from the Wisconsin area but it sounds like we’re missing out, as Megan told us: “The metal scene in WI is good, lots of really great bands… we love getting together to do local stuff when we can. Our tour last summer basically made a big loop of the US in about a month and it was fantastic, the metal scene was just awesome, especially in the south. We absolutely love touring down south, they’re fucking nuts down there.”

Aside from writing new material, there’s loads going on this year for the band. Megan said: “We’re currently writing, playing some local shows, and gearing up for the two (so far) tours that we have planned for this year. Touring and playing over in the UK is definitely a goal for us and we’re hoping to make that a reality in the near future! We are hitting things very hard this year and constantly working to keep pushing and to get out on the road as much as we can. We appreciate all of your support so much, come out to a show and say hello!”

You can follow Casket Robbery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp, Spotify and YouTube.

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