Introducing: Opensight

Back in February we attended a pretty epic day long celebration of all things prog metal, and discovered an intriguing band called Opensight.

The London-based quartet have crafted what they describe as ‘film music’ based on ‘spy themes.’ As frontman Ivan David Amaya explains: “People have used those words to describe us because of Opensight being inspired by many genres with film scores being one of our main influences. We have used elements that somehow relate to genre movies: surf rock tones, dramatic funky sections, sci-fi sounding synths and orchestrations that could belong in a crime film, thriller, western or horror movie. I love bands that go beyond music with their approach and we aim for a more cinematic and high energy experience with ours.”

They fuse the energy of hard rock and heavy metal with the sense of adventure and drama of film music, all plotted together with a twist of prog rock. Sounds cool huh?

The Opensight story began back in Ivan’s home country of Colombia, with the current incarnation formed when he moved to London back in 2012. He got in touch with guitarist Genia Penksik online before moving, bassist Danni Stanner joined later along with former bandmate and drummer Redd Reddington.

Ivan tells us: “We have good chemistry and are good friends as well. We grew up loving music and wanting to play as I believe happens with most people that end up in bands. While growing up I liked drawing pictures, listening to music, reading comic books, playing video games and watching films. So playing in a band is an awesome outlet for doing cool things: write songs, write words, come up with ideas, do artwork for the band and showcase everything while having a blast playing live. I loved the artwork on records from bands like Iron Maiden so I grew up wanting to have a band and do the artwork for our records.”

And on what inspires their unique approach to songwriting, Ivan adds: “You should be able to write about anything according to what you think/feel in the moment. After scribbling words and phrases that resonate with you on a notebook for a while you find a connection between them and a topic can arise. Our latest record has a theme around secrecy, double lives and seclusion which fits with the song titles and the spy and James Bond-esque sounds on some of the songs, like Alibi or The Chase. None of this was really planned though. Let’s see what the next one brings!”

The band is heavily influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden as well as bands that stand out with their own distinctive, open-minded approaches, such as Opeth, Devin Townsend, Cynic and Faith No More. Whle slightly more left-field inspirations are film composers like John Barry, Morricone, Henry Mancini, Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, John Carpenter and old school 8-bit video game music. Pretty eclectic stuff.

Their latest offering of this is the aforementioned spy-themed EP Ulterior Motives, which includes elements of all of the above by jumping seamlessly from big heavy metal sounds amd awesome guitar solos through to intriguing, laid-back ‘spy music.’ It’s an intriguing listen so I fully recommend checking it out, here’s The Chase for a taster.

There’s more to come from Opensight shortly, with new music and a bunch of shows coming our way, including a gig at Newquay’s Whiskers tonight, then Redrum in Stafford on Friday (18 May) and The Underground in Stoke on Saturday. More info on those dates is on their website.

You can follow OpenSight on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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