Introducing: The Gulps

Camden Town in north London is renowned for being a bit cool and trendy yet grungy and dirty at the same time, probably best epitomised by it having erected a statue of Amy Winehouse within its iconic busy market.

And those characteristics are perfectly apt for describing emerging Camden-based band The Gulps. The quintet of Harry All (vocals), Francesco Buffone and Charlie Watts (guitars), Simon Mouchard (bass) and Raoul Khayat (drums) descended on London separately to attend the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance music college – all ultimately achieving their end goal of creating a band.

They’ve since honed an indie rock sound with a punkier, edgy overtone. Their alternative rocky punk oozes coolness, to the extent that they describe it to us as “dirty, naughty punk.” Which we kinda love.

They’ve got a couple of songs already released that give us a taster of what The Gulps are all about, with the most recent being March’s single Someone Like You.

The track starts at breakneck speed with driving drums supporting a wild, funky guitar intro. A fast-paced verse follows and flows into a chorus of the awesome cried vocals “You don’t know why, You don’t wanna be with me in paradise” which gives way to a return of the opening instrumental blast. A second verse is followed by repeats of the chorus line, then a big final smash of the intro instrumentals. Check it out in the video below:

On the track, Charlie told us: “The reaction of people was better than expected. We received good feedback from peers, fans, magazines and a few people from the industry. A real motivation to carry on with the work. On the first degree people should expect a love song but really, they should expect a fight for rights song where My Girl From Liverpool symbolises the spirit of a lost revolution.

That previous single is a little more laid-back, opening up with a funky little guitar riff and chord call-and-answer intro, which drops into a catchy verse dominated by Harry’s unusual vocal delivery. That flows straight into a heavier chorus that ends on a cool little guitar lick then drops into the opening riff then another laid-back verse. The second chorus ends with more intense vocals over a cool guitar lick that feeds into an awesome guitar solo over driving drums and backing guitars that you can’t help but bounce along to. Check it out in the video below:

The band take inspiration from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Cream, The Clash, David Bowie, The Kinks and Manfred Mann and , when it comes to what inspires their music, Charlie tells us: “Influences mainly come from the experience of the daily routine and fantasies. The songs that we have already written can be included in the topics of love, rebellion, youth experiences and life mysteries.”

This is a super cool, exciting new band and we can’t wait to hear new material coming our way from the guys very soon. You can see the band for yourself in a few weeks’ time at Camden Rocks Festival on Saturday 2 June, and more info on their upcoming gigs is here.

You can follow The Gulps on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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