Introducing: Future Love

Northampton rockers Future Love may describe themselves as “weirdos from the Midlands” but they’re also an exciting new band that has jumped up the heaviness of their music with their latest music – which is always music to our ears.

The quartet began with founding members and joint vocalists guitarist Andy and bassist Meg, who’ve known each other since around 2005 but started the band up in 2014. A few member changes later and they completed the current get-up with the recent additions of guitarist Nik and drummer Jake, which Meg tells us was “when they fir started feeling like a band.”

This is a band that’s going places. They’ve just supported Don Broco on their album release tour and supported Press To Meco’s album launch show in London last month. And they’ve just finished up recording a third EP, which will be their first with the latter two members on board and swiftly follows their most recent release Passive Obsessive, which came out in January.


As Meg explains: “I’d say this EP is a lot heavier than our last two, and we’ve been having a lot of fun playing this louder stuff live. If you’re a fan of Basement, Citizen, Hell is for Heroes, or anything else of that ilk, hopefully you’ll like this EP.

“We’ve always found it hard to pinpoint a genre that sums us up but I’d say we’re somewhere between alternative rock and the whole emo revival thing.”


But Passive Obsessive gives us a little taster of the Future Love sound, albeit we’re expecting a heavier sound from their new material. There’s a cool contrast between Andy and Meg’s vocals that really pulls the listener in, while the excellent Harsh Spring has moments of heavy rockiness played off against delicious melodies.

And when Meg tells us their musical influences range from Deftones and Foo Fighters to Rival Schools and Jimmy Eat World, alongside Andy’s love for the Post Malone record, Meg’s electro pop and Jake being a bit of a metal head, it’s clear there’s a lot going on. So who knows what we should expect with the new record, but we’re excited either way.

On what inspires them to write music, Meg tells us: “For me personally I find it easiest to write about relationships/love. I think Andy is the same too. As we write the bulk of the lyrics I’d say that’s the main theme that runs through our music.”

There’s plenty more to come with the new EP, which we’re expecting to be out this month, so stay tuned! And, as Meg adds: “We’re just a bunch of normal guys and a gal who like drinking beer, watching The Office US and playing shows, so don’t be shy!”


You can follow Future Love on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp and Spotify (ignore the random dance tracks).


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