Introducing: Lunafall

West Midlands band Lunafall have created a catchy guitar-driven sound that flirts with being poppy enough for the mainstream yet retains a heavier edge and guitar solos that will equally appeal to rock fans.

The trio started out as Joel Darkes (vocals and guitar) and Dave Bright (vocals and bass) writing music together a few years ago, they then added Craig Wright (guitar and vocals) to the mix and decided to form a band. As Joel tells us: “I just love the unity of being in a band, you get to share so many highs, which make them even better, or lows, which make them easier having each other!”

So far the band have one single available, but have an EP coming our way very soon. That existing single Knock Me Down epitomises their catchy rock sound, will vocal melodies that will be stuck in your head for days.

It opens up with a light verse of shared vocals, starting with Joel’s “Pull me through a life think I know the score, Made the same mistake a hundred times before” then Dave’s higher-pitched vocals “I know it won’t be easy when the day comes that you leave me, I won’t be feeling strong.” Guitars kick in under dual vocals “You lose a fire got me burning up, The flames get higher but not high enough, Don’t need your pity, don’t need your pain, I’m not sorry, not tonight.”

The dual vocals continue through an infectious chorus of “Don’t build me up just to knock me down, Don’t drag my heart all around this town, Don’t be so blind it’s not hard to see, That I need you and you want me.” A second chorus is followed by a moment of echoey vocals and lingering guitars before jumping into a little guitar solo, which feeds into a final blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video below:


As mentioned the band have an EP out very soon, on which Joel told us: “We are honestly so excited to get it out there. We’ve spent a long time working on it and we’re all really proud of it. Most of the upcoming album is based on relationships. Usually the bad side of relationships. For some reason we find that easier to write about.”

The band takes influence from artists like Bryan Adams and Tom Petty through to the likes of Green Day, All Time Low and Maroon 5, which gives you a feel for the almost poppy rock sound they’re going for. As Joel puts it: “Guitar driven pop but with guitar solos and big choruses.”

You can follow Lunafall on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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