Single Review: Hollowstar – All I Gotta Say

Following the success of last year’s debut EP Cambridgeshire-based rockers Hollowstar are today back to delight their growing fan base with new single All I Gotta Say.

Our New Band of the Week way back in last March, Hollowstar have honed a trademark sound that sees slow lullaby-like verses explode into full-on rock mode and big guitar solos that release your inner air guitar demons. Built on a foundation of classic rock and guitar-led bands like The Cult, Soundgarden and Thunder, the band continue the evolution of their loud, in-your-face rock sound in this new track.

All I Gotta Say kicks off with a low brooding guitar lick then kicks into an opening verse dominated by frontman Joe Bonson, which gives way to a big smash of rocky guitars. A bigger chorus of singalong vocals “Bye-bye baby goodbye, No need to dry my tears, No reason to try, Bye-bye baby goodbye, All I gotta say to you I’ll say another time.”

Funky little bursts of guitar notes kick in as bridges between sections, while another deliciously cool laid-back verse is followed by a big rock out that feeds into another singalong chorus. The second chorus gives way to a huge guitar solo that drops into a lower, building, repeating guitar riff, which builds into one last smash of the chorus, ending on a powerful cry from Joe.

It’s another banger from the lads, and you can check it out in the video below:

On the track, frontman Joe Bonson tells us: “It’s about that moment when you reach your end and you come to the realisation that something isn’t right for you. You no longer have the desire to fight for something you recognise as wrong and are happy to walk away and start again. With every end comes a new beginning.”

Coinciding with the new single, Hollowstar have also unveiled a slew of tour dates across the country, including appearing at next week’s Camden Rocks Fest. They’ll also be joining the Graham Bonnet Band for four shows in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Louth and Newcastle between 9-12 August.

They’ll also be making appearances at LeeStock on Saturday (26 May) and Wildfire Festival on the 24 June, before joining talents including Dan Reed Network and King King at Cambridge Rock Festival between 26-29 July. More info on all their upcoming gigs is here.

All I Gotta Say is out now and available on all digital channels, including Spotify and iTunes, as well as the Hollowstar website. And you can follow Hollowstar on FacebookYouTube and Twitter.

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