New Band of the Week: Liquid State

Bristol’s Liquid State are a band worth getting excited about, combining big dirty riffs, gritty basslines and pounding drum grooves with soaring, powerful vocals in their loud, unapologetically heavy brand of rock.

Having won a Battle of the Bands competition in their hometown last year, they’ve since been hard at work on their debut EP, from which we got our first taste of their exciting sound last month.

The band began life as an acoustic duo formed of vocalist Keren Ashley and guitarist Kray Zellinger Mundy. The songwriting and vocals ended up getting heavier and heavier, which was when drums and bass were added, with Ben Bull and Harry Moffatt respectively eventually joining as permanent members of the band.

Keren tells us: “Everyone in Liquid State is just as important to the band and we’re such a tight group of friends, that it wouldn’t be the same if someone was to leave! For all of us, the rock and metal genre has been our go-to of all music genres, so it’s what we naturally fell into playing.

“A female fronted metal band always interested us too, and we knew it was something that we wanted to pursue, we just never thought that it would be as exciting as it is. We literally have the best time together and if anyone is debating on whether to join a band, just do it, you won’t regret it!”

The band will launch debut EP Save Yourself on 6 July, which is available for pre-order here. On the EP Keren tells us: “We are so excited, and if the reaction to Dirty Little Preachers is anything to go by, it’s going to go down an absolute treat! We’ve worked so hard on this EP so we really, really hope that people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

“The whole EP is riddled with some seriously beefy guitar and bass lines, and Harry’s drum parts are equally as big too. Combine all of that with the vocals, and you can definitely expect to hear something juicy!”

The band list Marmozets, Periphery and Arcane Roots as the key influences on their vocal ideas, guitar chords and drum grooves, which tells you that this is a fairly diverse band. And, as they alluded to, the first taster we have of what’s to come on the EP is their debut single Dirty Little Preachers.

It kicks off with low guitar chords that dive into a funky darting guitar riff and pounding drums, then a cool high-pitched guitar blitz drops into a vocal dominated opening verse. The meandering vocals are great on the interesting lyrics: “I’ve done a couple bad things so will you comfort me, Will you take me into church and let the Gods cleanse for free. I can’t help but put the blame on this snake wrapped ’round my throat, You’re the beating of my heart ingested through a note.”

The guitars kick back in and the vocals become more intense in the singalong chorus “Where have you been, You’re my darkest of sins, You want to stop the fate, But you can’t help but imitate, I don’t know where to go, I don’t know where’s my home” then the heavier cry of “Dirty little preachers, you wanted more.” The second chorus ends on a big cry of the last line then feeds into a big smash of guitar and bass riffs, which lead into a final smash of the chorus. The track ends on a huge last vocal cry then a big smash of guitar, bass and drums.

Check out the video, which has already had over 8,000 views, below:

Keren told us: “Yeah, the response we’ve had has been crazy! We never thought our first ever video would have reached so many people, so we were completely blown away when we saw the view count!

“How would we describe our music? Well, we’re loud, we’ll give you huge, driving riffs and we can promise you plenty of catchy lyrics. Though if you really want to know the best representation of who we are, we fully recommend coming to see us play live, but be warned, it can get sweaty!”

Another warning, their lyrical content can be pretty dark. As Keren explains: “Lyrically most of our songs are written about taboo subjects such as murder, prostitution, violence and anything that is generally seen as sinister. I watch a lot of crime documentaries and horror films so influences stem deeply from them. I find writing lyrics about taboo subjects are a lot more empowering than the usual love song lyrics.”

The band has plenty of things in the pipeline through the rest of the year, with plenty more gigs to be announced alongside the EP launch in July some things we can’t talk about until we have dates, but you can definitely expect more videos, a small UK tour and plenty of new content hitting our socials, so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and sign up to our mailing list on our website to keep in the loop!

And, if you do go along and get a bit rowdy then you’re in for a reward. As they tell us: “We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, any person to initiate a pit at our shows gets a free beer on us. A pint for a pit? Seems only fair!”

Dirty Little Preachers is out now on Spotify and YouTube, while Save Yourself is out on 6 July and available for pre-order on their website. You can follow Liquid State on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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