New Music Friday Round-Up: 8 June

The second instalment of our round-up of the latest new music brings you an awesome throwback to 90s guitar rock, some brutally heavy metal, new music from exciting new British rockers, an old favourite and even some Americana meets country.

Read on for our pick of this week’s new releases…

Hypophora – Spires (Single)

The exciting sound of Hypophora is back with an excellent new single. It begins with a gradually building opening verse that ends on a big wail from Katie McConnell, then a smash of big guitars that drop into another winding verse of great vocals. Another smash of guitars follows then huge high-pitched vocals “Home is where the heart is” followed by more intense repeats of “This place is mine” over heavy guitars. It then drops right down into a meandering guitar lick then explodes into a big rocky blast. Check it out in the stream below.

Follow Hypophora on FacebookYouTubeInstagram and Twitter, and listen to Spires on iTunes and Spotify.

The Temple – Party Rituals (EP)

We missed this one last week, but check out this brand new EP from Yorkshire quarter The Temple. Lead single Sinners is huge and features a disgustingly good fast-paced riff, while the brilliant Ugly Head opens up with an awesome riff, dives into a big singalong verse then a cheeky faster riff leads into another big verse that ends with cries of “You’re ugly” followed by a big guitar solo. Fast-paced rockiness aplenty, some naughty guitar solos and catchy as hell rock. What’s not to love? Check out the ridiculously infectious opening track Sleep in the video below.

Give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram, check out their music on Spotify, and gear up for the summer with their merch.

Decayer – Agony (Single)

The ‘Tucson deathcore collective,’ who we introduced you to in March, return with another example of their bone-crushingly heavy metal. Launching straight into a brutal smash of screamed vocals with darting guitars, this unrelenting track features a whole host of huge guitar riffs alongside Harrison Burkardt’s huge vocals. Exciting news is that a second EP of deathcore brutaliy is coming soon!

You can follow Decayer on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Artemis Rising – Demons (Single)

Our favourite German metallers Artemis Rising are back with an almighty bang with new single Demons. It’s metalcore at its very finest, with huge booming bass drum pounding along throughout in support of some huge screamed vocals, massive guitars and moments of melodic vocals. It’s superb. Check it out in the stream below.

Follow Artemis Rising on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube, and Spotify.

Genus Ordinis Dei – Halls of Human Delights (Video)

We had to share this video, because firstly it’s just insanely awesome and secondly for the Italian rockers’ description “The following video contains heavy sounds that may cause irreversible headbang!” on Facebook. Legends. Check it out below.

You can follow Genus Ordinis Dei on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their awesome album Great Olden Dynasty on Spotify.


Youth Killed It – What’s So Great, Britain? (Single)

The engaging sound of Youth Killed It is back in all its glory on this fun new track. The awesome chorus “We only won the World Cup once, And then we’re living like we’re out in front, But we don’t make anything anymore, But we still expect it all yeah, We’re set up for a big fall, Tell me what’s so great, Britain” epitomises vocalist Jack Murphy’s engaging, relatable style. Give it a listen in the stream below.

Follow Youth Killed It on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.

Dead Sara – Temporary Things Taking Up Space (EP)

There’ll always be a soft spot in my heart for Dead Sara, their self-titled debut album is one of my favourites and I love Emily Armstrong’s awesome voice. Their first new music in three years was well worth the wait, packed their trademark anthemic, passionate rock. A personal favourite is feisty third track Unamerican, which opens up with a cool guitar riff alongside huge cries from Emily then dropping into a spoken opening verse countered by a big chorus, then a second verse in which Emily says “fuck” about five times in 20 seconds. Check it out in the video below.

Follow Dead Sara on Facebook and Twitter, and listen to their music on Spotify.

Megan O’Neill – Ghost Of You (Album)

Something a little bit different now in the form of London-based, Irish-born singer/songwriter Megan O’Neill, who is one of the UK’s most exciting Americana and Country artists. The former Nashville resident shot to number one in the Irish country charts with debut EP Coming Home in May 2015, then released a second record with her band The Common Threads, which was recorded at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios, last year. Her latest record takes things a little rockier, particularly the catchy Treading Water, but it’s a cool, laid-back album with the delicious Don’t Say It’s Over highlighting Megan’s impressive vocal powers.

You can follow Megan on Facebook and Twitter, and check out Ghost of You on iTunes and Spotify.


Never Hill – Waiting For It (Single)

Channelling the spirit of the likes of Deaf Havana and Mallory Knox, Midlands rockers Never Hill are a really exciting up-and-coming band. Waiting For It is a catchy rock track with funky guitar licks played off against delicious repeats of “I’ve been waiting for it.”

Waiting For It is out now and available on Spotify, and you can keep in touch with Never Hill on Facebook and Twitter.

Sleep Token – Jaws (Single)

Last but most certainly not least is the amazing new track from the mysterious Sleep Token. Jaws begins with trademark high-pitched vocals over light instrumental support, then gradually increases in intensity with faster vocals. Synthy noises and rolling drums kick in and are soon joined by big chugging guitar chords. Having seen them at Camden Rocks last week, if you can see these guys live then do it.

Follow Sleep Token on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.


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