New Music Friday Round-Up: 15 June

Our latest installment of the week’s latest new music brings you some hard-hitting new British metal, a heavy new track from a New Zealand / Aussie metal band, some new music from our favourite new solo artist, a bit of indie rock and a bit more metal. Enjoy…

Cut Short – Impersonal (EP)

Get your Friday off to the heaviest of starts with the debut EP from Liverpool hard metal newcomers Cut Short. Expect huge pounding low-tuned guitar and bass alongside the occasional creepy synth sound in support of Harry Benyon’s intense screamed vocals, on an EP that begins in fitting manner with the huge opener Manic and was produced by Timfy James from Hacktivist. Second track Solitary is a work of metal art, with a delicious clean vocal chorus over a dramatic backdrop of huge guitars and bass, in between demonically heavy verses. Check out their latest single Psychosomatic in the video below.

Follow Cut Short on Facebook and Twitter, and check out Impersonal on Spotify.

Advocates – Detachment (Single)

Keeping things nice and heavy, check out the latest single from Auckland / Melbourne metallic hardcore meets tech metallers Advocates – who describe their sound as “a finely polished sledgehammer to the skull,” which we couldn’t put better ourselves. Their intriguing combination of brutally hard-hitting metal with delicious technical guitars are a fascinating listen, and Detachment delivers exactly that. It’s delicious. Check it out in the video below.

Follow Advocates on Facebook and Twitter, and check out Detachments on Spotify.

Grumble Bee – Everything Between (EP)

West Yorkshire-based solo artist Grumble Bee, our New Band of the Week back in January, is back with an intriguing new EP of full-band tracks and acoustic and piano versions. The full-band tracks include the previously released singles Red, which we absolutely love, and Heron, along with new track Luna Blue, while it signs off with a delicious piano version of Heron. Check out Red in the video below.

You can follow Grumble Bee on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and check out his music on SpotifyiTunes and YouTube.

Mellor – Safe Word (Single)

Energetic indie-rock at its finest, this is a cracking new single from Reading rockers Mellor. A fun singalong chorus signs off with the line “It’s not my fault you forgot the safe word” then a little blast of rocky guitars, flowing straight into a verse supported by winding guitar licks. If, like us, you listened to the new Arctic Monkeys album and thought “what the fuck are they doing?” then Mellor will be just the thing you’re looking for to fill that gap in your musical requirements. Give Safe Word a listen in the stream below.

You can follow Mellor on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.

Muncie Girls – Picture of Health (Single)

A catchy singalong yet rocky new track from Exeter trio Muncie Girls, who are made up of one girl and two boys – confusing huh? Picture of Health opens up with a blast of guitars then the delicious opening verse: “Seven days of fucked up dreams, Did I ever fall asleep, No-one ever waits for me, I’m the one forgotten sheep, Think I’m mostly sleepwalking or I’m at least presumed to be, I’m always trying to count to ten but I’m always stuck at three.” Then it dives into an infectious, fast paced chorus that will be stuck in your head for hours. Check it out in the video below.

You can follow Muncie Girls on Facebook and Twitter and check out their music on Spotify.

SHVPES – War (Single)

We saw these guys live at Camden Rocks a couple of weeks ago (see left), and we’re hooked. They’ve today released a brand new single War, which features delicious harmonic guitar bursts through the opening verse then dives into a big energetic chorus. A cry of “Shut down” from frontman Griffin Dickenson, yep Bruce’s son, leads into some shouty vocals then a cool mini guitar solo with the harmonic guitars diving in, then dropping into a laid-back section. A fast-paced chorus follows, drops into a fast-paced guitar solo, then there’s another chilled section of melodic vocals that bring the track to an end. Possibly a more melodic track than we’re used to from SHVPES but with the energy that we’re accustomed to from the Birmingham five-piece. Give it a listen in the stream below.

You can follow SHVPES on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.

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