New Music Friday Round-Up: 29 June

Ah that Friday feeling of new music to feast our ears upon. Here is a round-up of the best new music we’ve been enjoying on this sunny Friday morning. And, with the lack of football for one whole day, what better way to fill the void in your life.

Also, we’ve been away for a couple of weeks – work and football commitments prevailed – so there are tracks in here from the last couple of weeks too.

War Waves – Sleep (Single)

One of our favourites here at GR Towers, the Ipswich indie rockers are back with a new single Sleep, their first new music since last year’s excellent second album All That We Lack. If you’re looking for happy-go-lucky pickups then, well, this is not it, with the repeats of “I’m pretty fucking sure that I cannot save you” in the chorus, but we are loving this new music from War Waves.

We had a chat with frontman Marc Newby about the new track and he told us: “Without getting too miserable, Sleep is about wanting things to get better and coming to terms with the fact they may not. It’s potentially the most miserable song lyrically I’ve written, wrapped up in the poppiest music!”

Sleep is the first single from a new EP,  which will be out on 7 December and on which Marc said: “I would say that Sleep is probably the lightest track on the new EP. The other 4 songs are heavier and continue on the path we started to walk down on All That We Lack.”

Sleep is out now and available on Bandcamp and Spotify, and you can listen to it in the stream below. You can follow War Waves on Facebook and Twitter.


Gold Key – Mechanical World (Single)

It’s been quite a year for Watford rockers Gold Key.  Our New Band of the Week back in November 2016, the band released a fantastic debut album at the end of last year and have since played Download Festival and supported Alexisonfire at Brixton Academy earlier this month. Latest track Mechanical World is the first new music since that album, and has a somewhat of a Muse-esque feeling to its big epic rock sound. Huge lead vocals are supported by a backdrop of driving drums and powerful guitars. For another reminder of just how good these guys are, check it out in the stream below.

Mechanical World is available here, and you can follow Gold Key on Facebook and Twitter.

Hide Your Eyes – One More (Single)

You never know quite what you’re going to get from the Herefordshire ‘Nu-Rock’ band, who were our New Band of the Week back in September. One More fuses laid-back guitar licks with more intense, raw rocky choruses, followed by a cool guitar solo with “nah nah nah” vocals over the top. It’s a hugely enjoyable new track, check it out in the video below.

You can follow Hide Your Eyes on Facebook and Twitter.

Pagan – Silver (Single)

Our favourite Aussie rockers are back with a new slice of their intense, spell-binding brand of ‘very heavy, gloomy rock’n’roll.’ The intoxicating screamed vocals of Nikki Brumen dominate, kicking straight in from the start alongside a rolling punky riff then a blast of wild screams through the opening verse. Prepare to be converted and check it out in the stream below.

Silver comes from the band’s debut album Black Wash, which is out on 6 July and available for pre-order here. You can follow Pagan on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Tenements – The Fear (Single)

Glasgow rockers Tenements are a welcome throwback to the 2000s era of post-hardcore and their third single The Fear gives us another taste of their exciting energetic sound, on the back of their excellent previous single Standing On The Backs Of Angels. A huge screamed opening verse with darting guitars drops into a chilled pre-chorus then launches back into the fast-paced post-hardcore goodness.

Our New Band of the Week back in November are preparing for the release of their debut EP What Doesn’t Kill You Is Only Getting Stronger on 31 August. Check out The Fear in the video below.

You can follow Tenements on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and check out their music on BandcampiTunes and Spotify.

The Bongo Club – What You Want Us To Be (Single)

This track came out a couple of weeks ago, but landed with us this week. If you’re after a bit of old-school Arctic Monkeys rocky goodness then this Swedish quartet will be right up your street. The infectious vocals of frontman Jesper, particularly the big cries of “Fuck knows if we’ll ever be better than strangers” that kicks off the chorus, are supported by fun driving guitars that form an engaging rocky sound. Check it out in the video below.

Check out their music on Spotify, and you can follow The Bongo Club on Facebook and Twitter.

Homesafe – One (Album)

This is a brand new band to us, but the Chicago rockers have today released their second album, and it’s pretty awesome. Expect plenty of punk-fuelled rocky energy, with third track Say Something exemplifying exactly that, while next track Sadistic Society ends with a cry of “Fuck racism, fuck oppression, fuck hate, only love” that leads into a big guitar rock out.

While things descend into punky chaos on the excellent Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams, which opens up with a fun guitar riff and the shouty opening verse that opens “Hey, I wanna say, I wanna get fucked up and die with you, Yeah that pretty face, I fell apart as you walked in the room.” Homesafe offer something for lovers of all stages of the rock spectrum, fusing elements of pop-punk with big rockiness, making this a really enjoyable listen. Check it out in the video below.

You can listen to One on Spotify now, and follow Homesafe on Facebook and Twitter.

In The Cards – Eyes Beyond Reflection (EP)

Stoke quartet In The Cards have done a great job with their debut EP. We introduced you to the band a few weeks ago, and we love their combination of soaring melodies, energetic choruses and moments of heaviness. It’s a hugely enjoyable EP, largely dominated by the awesome vocals of Amy Colclough, but with plenty of rocky instrumental goodness in support. Check out opening track Mazes in the video below.

Eyes Beyond Reflection is available on Spotify now, and you can follow In The Cards on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

We Three Kings – Fire (EP)

Lively, energetic rock, and absolutely barrels of it. The Manchester three-piece (see left) fuse fuzzy guitar riffs with pounding drums and engaging vocals, such as the repeats of “Bend me over the barrel” on the EP’s excellent second track The Barrel. And there’s plenty of fun guitar riffs for you to get stuck into on Fire, the band’s second EP, such as the stabby guitar intro to third track Bright Lights of the City. Give it a listen in the stream below.

Check out Fire on Spotify and Soundcloud, and follow We Three Kings on Facebook and Twitter.

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