New Band of the Week: Escapade

Fire up your time machine and roll it back 20 years or so because we’re taking you on a ride to the good old days of Britpop with Leicester quartet Escapade, who’ve honed a sound that they describe to us as “loud, energetic and memorable.”

The band started out as an acoustic duo of Sam Wyatt (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Adam Bailey (lead guitar) performing in bars around Leicester. The pair soon got the urge to form a full band to play their own music and enlisted bassist Jordan Alleston and drummer Martin Wenham.

Their exciting sound has vibes of the classic guitar-led rock sounds of the 90s, with Sam’s vocal style having more than a passing resemblance to those of Liam Gallagher and Tom Meighan. As Adam explains: “It’s like a mix between old-school British rocks with a sprinkle of today’s guitar music, so Kasabian would be an ideal comparison. We like to take our influences and put our own twist on the songs. We started off quite Britpop-like, so Oasis etc…, whereas now we would call ourselves Brit rock, as we still have the Britpop element to us but it’s a lot more in your face!”

The band won the national SoundWaves Music Competition last week having previously progressed through their regional round. Prior to the national event, Adam told us: “To be regional winners was amazing as there were some really talented acts! To play to that crowd was amazing, a real goosebumps moment for us when everyone was chanting Escapade just loving the tracks we made – the judges’ comments really blew us away too!”

Having released their debut EP Stepping Stone in 2016, the band have just released latest single Take My Love. It opens up with guitar chords that continue through a very Britpop feeling opening verse dominated by Sam’s impressive vocals, then bursts into a big singalong chorus. A second chorus gives way to a fast-paced little guitar solo then drops into a final singalong chorus. Check it out in the stream below:

On the single, Adam told us: “The reception’s been great, it got some BBC introducing airplay a couple of days before the release which was good to allow our fans a first look. We’ve had some great reviews and it’s been described as a proper summer anthem, so an ideal time for it to be released!”

Their previous single Red Sky offers a glimpse into the heavier, rockier side of Escapade, with more intense vocals against atmospheric instrumentals. An edgy verse featuring the great lyrics “There’s no way back, Gotta hit the sack, A one-way road with a heart attack” bursts into a big chorus led by the cries of: “But in this red sky at night, We’re coming in for the fight, With this red sky at night, We’re gonna break out and sell our souls now to the moonlight.” A second chorus leads into a little guitar lick over cries of “With this red sky at night” that drops into winding vocals that build up to a final smash of the chorus. Check it out in the stream below:

As referenced above, the band draws influence from the likes of Oasis and Kasabian and rock legends like Led Zeppelin and The Who, but they all have their own tastes. Sam’s into older stuff like Fleetwood Mac, Martin’s into the heavier side of things like Black Sabbath, while Adam is more into his old school rock/psychedelia and Jordan’s into everything.

And on what influences their music, Adam explains: “Sam’s the main songwriter but we all pitch in to form the finished product. I think the lyrics or the idea for a song can come from anywhere. We have some that are related to what’s going on in the world today and others that have purely started from the band having a jam. Sam doesn’t try and focus down one route he lets it come to him.”

We’re really excited about Escapade and can’t get enough of their feel-good Britpop-infused rock sound. The band are planning to launch their second EP this year, along with potentially some music videos and more recording. But for now, they’re focusing on gigging as much as possible around the UK to get their name and music out there to new ears.

You can follow Escapade on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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