New Music Friday Round-Up: 6 July

We’ve got a real treat of new music for you today, including no fewer than four of our former New Bands of the Week, several of our favourite new British rock bands, some brand new British metal goodness and new material from a couple of hard-hitting Aussie bands.

Turn it up loud and enjoy our latest round-up of this week’s new music.

Chapter and Verse – A Devil In Blue (Single)

East London’s finest are back with another banger, with frontman Josh Carter’s trademark engaging vocals leading the way, ably supported by driving drums and booming guitars. A Devil In Blue dives straight into a smash of guitars and drums supporting Josh’s fast-paced powerful vocals, then a couple of cool darting riffs lead into a big singalong chorus of “But see me as the boy you once knew, I know I raged like a devil in blue, But see me as the boy you once knew, And my hell might learn to love the heaven in you.” It’s big, rocky and delicious. Check it out in the video below.

You can follow Chapter and Verse on FacebookTwitter and YouTube, and do your ears a favour by checking out their music on Spotify.

Lightscape – Circles (Video)

The Norwich rockers, one of our first ever New Bands of the Week way back in October 2016, have released a video for Circles, from the recent EP of the same name. It shows the boys in action at their recent headline show in Norwich, of which they say: “It feels great to capture one of our live gigs, not something we’ve ever done before and we’re so happy with how it has turned out!” Check it out in the video below.

Check out their music on Spotify and follow Lightscape on Facebook and Twitter.

MSRY – Safety First (EP)

The Oxford metal trio today release their second EP, and we are loving it. We introduced you to these guys earlier in the week, discussing their “need to rage harder and faster than anyone else,” and that’s exactly what we get on Safety First. The EP is unbelievably heavy at points, with delicious driving low-tuned riffs and bone-chillingly good screamed vocals, while retaining the band’s melodic edge. Check out the video for Broken Teeth below to get a taster of the MSRY sound.

Safety First is available on iTunes and Spotify. You can follow MSRY on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Liquid State – Save Yourself (EP)

The Bristol rockers, our New Band of the Week last month, have made quite a statement with their debut EP. It kicks off in fine style with the excellent angsty Temper, with cries of “I’m losing my temper, temper, You’re getting on my nerves” followed by a cool diving riff then Keren Ashley’s vocals supported by a lone bassline as the song builds back up in intensity again towards a fast-paced mini guitar rock out. Check out the video for their debut single Dirty Little Preachers below.

Give Save Yourself a listen on Spotify, and follow Liquid State on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Naisian – Rejoinder (EP)

Sheffield metallers naisian have returned from a five-year hiatus with a mission to “play loud, heavy music.” The first marker of that is today’s release of new EP Rejoinder, which delivers loudness and heaviness by the bucketload. Opening track 90 ft Stone kicks things off nicely with a booming low-tuned riff and huge screamed vocals over the lingering riff.

The band originally formed over a decade ago, but return with their trademark huge riffs and DIY metal approach on an EP mastered by iconic engineer James Plotkin (Sunn O))), Cave In, Botch). It’s a fine return. They’ll be launching the EP with a gig at Delicious Clam in Sheffield tomorrow, with support from Ba’al and Bosphorous.

Check out the EP on Bandcamp and follow naisian on Facebook.

Pagan – Black Wash (Album)

Our favourite Australian cult Pagan today release their debut album Black Wash. It’s heavy and intense but brilliant, led by the engaging howled vocals of frontwoman Nikki Brumen and a mass of driving guitar riffs. Third track Silver is a particular highlight, with an awesome booming riff feeding into huge screamed vocals over a cheeky bassline then smashing into a big energetic chorus – check it out in the video below. And it’s followed by the brilliant Imitate Me, which is a fast-paced romp of terrifying screamed vocals and intense riffs and drums, while the awesome riffery continues in the dark, intense Blood Moon and lively, fast-paced Year of the Dog. All in all, this is a banger of a debut album.

Black Wash is available now on all platforms here and on Spotify. You can follow Pagan on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Naberus – Hollow (Album)

Hard-hitting metal at its very finest from Australian rockers Naberus, whose second album Hollow has been mixed by Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon and Architects). The album kicks off in fine style with the excellent Slaves, which combines powerful metal riffs and vocals with a delicious singalong chorus, then dives into a huge solo – it’s a brilliant opening.

The album continues in the same vein, with track after track of huge riffs and engaging vocals, including a special mention for personal favourite Webs and the driving riffs on title track Hollow, giving us yet another awesome Aussie band to get excited about. Check out the video for the album’s second track Space To Breathe below.

Hollow is available on Spotify, iTunes and all the usual places, and you can follow Naberus on Facebook and Twitter.


Maypine – Bend / Break (EP)

The south coast rockers today release their second EP, which they believe should be considered their debut as it sees them move away from their more pop-punk early days. And this new EP is one that’s very personal to frontman Jase, as he explains: “Following a fire at my flat, my fiancée and I lost the majority of our things and had to rebuild. Obviously, this was an incredibly stressful time and I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and could bear no more burdens. However, I fought through and became a much stronger person in the face of adversity.”

Their new-found alternative rock sound is perfectly portrayed in the EP’s excellent closing track Together Alone. The emotive, singalong chorus “So close your eyes, We can make this last forever if we try, Won’t you come away with me to places I know, You and I have all we need, We’re in perfect company, Together we can be alone” is followed by a hit of guitars and a delicious little solo to bring the EP to a superb ending.

Check out the video for opening track Give below. Bend / Break is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Maypine on Facebook and Twitter.

Cope – Wounds (Single)

What better than a bit of brand new hardcore punk to liven up your Friday. The politically-charged London combine edgy screamed vocals with driving riffs in an energetic romp of punky goodness. A shouty chorus over a cool high-pitched looping guitars drops into a big smash of chugging chords and wild screams to bring the track to an end. An excellent offering from an exciting up-and-coming band.

Check it out on Spotify, and follow Cope on Facebook and Twitter.

The Covasettes – Top Drawer (Single)

After all that metal and punk intensity, let’s drop the pace with something a little lighter in the form of some indie goodness from Manchester’s The Covasettes, our New Band of the Week back in October. The band, who told us they “want to become the kings of fun,” offer up a delicious dose of indie-rock with their third single, which you can check out in the video below.

Top Drawer is out on Spotify and BandCamp. You can follow The Covasettes on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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