New Band of the Week: Alter The Sky

Cambridge rockers Alter The Sky are ready to take you on a hard rock rollercoaster this month with the release of the new-look lineup’s first EP.

After forming in June 2015 the band released a self-titled debut EP last May, then underwent several changes before forming the current lineup of Hels Johnson (vocals), Kev Baker and Gal Herrington (guitars), Matt Scott (bass) and Arron Peters (drums). The new makeup of the band is, in Kev’s words: “A collection of like-minded musicians keen to create a new brand of hard rock.”

Inspired by the likes of Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge and The Wildhearts, the band have honed an engaging hard rock sound. As Kev tells us: “They tend to be our ‘go-to’ bands when we listen to music as they capture the hard rock sound we like to bring to our own writing so perfectly and they’re a great source of inspiration to us as musicians.

“The sound is guitar driven and riffy with the odd hook thrown in for good measure. If you like huge sounding guitars and beats, face gurning solos and powerful, melodic vocals mixed with a relentless and energetic live show then Alter the Sky are most definitely the band to catch!”

They’ve since been hard at work writing their second EP Fortune Favours The Bold, which is due out later this month and on which they worked with Dan J Lambert, of Valhalla Music Group, who’s also worked with our former New Band of the Week and fellow Cambridgeshire band Hollowstar.

On the EP, Kev tells us: “We’re extremely excited! This is the first EP we have released with the current line up and its sounding BIG! We wanted the EP to capture our live sound and feel the end result does exactly that. Listeners should expect to hear a big guitar sound that is packed with riffs and powerful female vocals.”

The first taster of this is the EP’s title track, Fortune Favours The Bold. It kicks off with a light looping guitar lick that kicks on in the intro then leads into a big blast of powerful vocals from Hels with darting guitars in support. The intro riff returns before dropping into a second energetic verse, then big cries of “oh oh oh yeah” lead into huge blast of “Fortune favours the bold, yeah fortune favours the bold.” A second chorus is followed by a big guitar solo, which drops into cool guitar chords that drop into a big final smash of vocals from Hels.

It’s a hugely enjoyable, hard rocking track that promises plenty for the upcoming EP. Check it out in the video below:


On what inspires them to write music, Kev explains: “The passion for it. We all love to play and watch live music. Each member has played in various bands over many years and we all see it as our ‘release.’ Hels’ lyrics tend to cover a range of themes, with the EP songs focusing on determination and perseverance; being brave, going out there and following your aspirations, regardless of opposition.”

The band have a series of gigs supporting the new EP, kicking off with The Big Weekend Festival in Cambridge on Saturday (14 July). They’re then playing Cottenham Rock Club in Cambridge on 3 August, then Taff Fest in Honington on 25 August. More info on all their upcoming gigs is here.

The band will also be back in the studio writing new material over the next few months, which they look forward to bringing to the stage throughout the year.

The Fortune Favours The Bold EP is set to be released later this month, and the lead single is available now on Spotify. You can follow Alter The Sky on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.



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