New Band of the Week: Crosslight

Genre-bending Nottingham rockers Crosslight invite you on a road to recovery with their angsty, energetic brand of rock meets punk meets metal and hip-hop that they define as “delightfully twisted rock.”

The quartet combines the powerful vocals of Charlotte Eastwood with the driving distorted guitars of Luke Litherland, harsh bass of Daniel Giles all supported by thrashing drums from Joe Parr in a diverse sound that keeps you on the edge of your seat. And when it comes to their live show they’re all about bringing people together to enjoy the experience, getting them involved in their high-energy sets and always wanting more.

As Luke puts it: “Punching bass lines, powerful vocals and driving guitars, all fused together with unrivalled charisma and showmanship. Our understanding of each other over the years has developed into something special which shines through in our sets. The cohesion lets us all improvise throughout the set, yet we keep the songs tight and professional. Our sets are always fun, energetic and well worth turning out for. It’s hard to say what to expect as it’s never the same, but it’s always a solid, professional performance, full of energy, angst and charisma!”

The band released debut album Road To Recovery back in May, which showcases their truly diverse range of sounds. As Luke explains: “Feedback on the album has been unreal! We knew we took a bit of a risk by releasing quite a diverse album but it’s what we enjoyed making, and it’s shown to have paid off. We sold a good chunk of our physical copies on the day of release and we’ve seen a massive increase on our Spotify audience, which has led to us becoming a verified artist and we are super proud of!

“It includes a range of songs drawing from many styles and it means people will enjoy and relate to at least one thing on the album. There’s songs that you can get pumped to, songs you can get lost in thought to and songs that you can even dance to. We wanted to make something a bit different and that’s exactly we’ve done. A lot of time, heart and soul has gone into this record. All we ask of people is give it a listen, you have a Crosslight guarantee that you will like at least one track, if not the whole album!”

Particular highlights on the album include the punky opening track Run Into Flowers, with its catchy fast-paced chorus and funky little guitar solos, as well as the dark lyrics “The fact is that we all just die, Watching the world just pass us by, And no-one seems to be asking why, But it doesn’t really matter when you’re being controlled.” Check it out in the video below:

The high pace continues in Clockwork, which opens up with a blitz of guitars then a vocal-led verse that flows into a choppy pre-chorus that explodes into life in a chorus dominated by Charlotte’s impressive singalong vocals.

Then there’s the lively Karma, which opens up with a jumpy guitar riff that dives into a big smash of guitars and cymbals then drops into a cool opening verse of Charlotte’s vocals supported by the darting opening riff. A big energetic chorus follows, then drops into a big guitar solo and smash-up.

Then the feisty Poison opens up with a distorted punky riff then a verse dominated by angsty vocals that dives into an energetic chorus featuring the lyrics “She’s poison, she’s poison, She’s running through your veins, Killing you all again, The curse with no name.” A second chorus is followed by big chugging metal chords with a distant riff that flows into one last smash of the chorus.

And to display the versatility of the band Just A Kiss opens up with rapped vocals with a funky riff creeping in underneath, then giving way to a rocky chorus, with repeats of “It’s just a kiss.”

The album shows off Crosslight’s ability to mix things up, and on what’s inspired it Luke tells us: “We find ourselves writing about our own experiences, which is where the idea of Road to Recovery came from. You get songs from our lows like Run into Flowers and Submerge, which are about depression and struggling to get out of a rut. Submerge is a song Charlotte our vocalist wrote lyrics for. The song concentrates on the feeling of being submerged and being dragged into deep waters; similar to the feeling of depression.

“Then there’s songs like Fighting For What?, Just A Kiss and Karma, which are about broken relationships and friendships. The album then transitions into the better parts of our lives with songs such as Kingdom Is Mine, I’m Not Done and Drive On, which are about taking back control and moving forward. You can still sense that feeling of recovering however in those songs but the songs allow our audience to feel like they can move forward. Each song on the album has been cleverly set out to represent the timeline of the Road To Recovery as the album gets more positive as you listen through.”

The band created the album themselves, with a little help from some friends, as Luke explains: “It started off just making some songs to play live. We crafted six songs and gigged locally with those to get our name out in the scene, eventually found the perfect balance in those songs and decided to start recording our debut album. The next six songs flowed off our creative pallet but as we looked to book in with the same studio, it shut its doors.

“A blessing in disguise was discovering Tristan at 7HZ Audio, who has an eye for detail and produced our songs with immense quality. Although the inconvenience set us back in times, and it pushed us to the brink with deadlines, we got there and are so proud of our work. It has one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve ever done. We’ve really enjoyed seeing our songs come to life. There’s a lot more you can do in the studio than live, adding multiple guitars and vocal harmonies, not to mention rapping, violin and synth parts.

“All in all, it was an awesome experience not to mention everyone putting up with how stressy we all were towards the end and we can’t thank Tristan at 7HZ Audio in Nottingham enough for giving us pointers on how to make the tracks sound even better!”

Road To Recovery is an engaging, diverse listen, inspired by the band members’ range of influences. From Joe’s idolisation of Travis Barker and Blink-182 generally, to Charlotte’s love for the vocals of Marmozets and lyrics of Tonight Alive, through to the rock and pop-punk influences on Like and Dan.

Road To Recovery is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Crosslight on Facebook, YouTubeInstagram and Twitter.

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