Introducing: GigRadar Playlists

This is the 498th article to be written on GigRadar since I launched the blog/magazine to celebrate the latest and greatest new rock, metal and punk bands two years ago.

We’ve met some amazing bands, been to some brilliant gigs and generally loved discovering the wealth of fantastic up and coming musicians creating great music all over the world.

So, we thought it would be fun to compile a few playlists that celebrate the people that made this possible: the punk, rock and metal bands and artists that have given us something to prattle on about for the last two years.

Hit the links below to give them a listen and/or a follow, and discover some great new music you’ll love!

GigRadar Metal:

357 tracks featuring some of our favourites like wars, Defences, As Everything Unfolds, Cove and Harbour Sharks.

GigRadar Rock:

An impressive near 600 rocking tracks, some of which push the boundaries of rock somewhat, including the likes of Area 11, Brutus, Calling Apollo, Divide, Fort Hope, Greyhaven, Halflives, Jack The Envious, Lightscape, SEASONS, War Waves and many more.

GigRadar Punk

A shorter selection of tracks, featuring our favourite punks Our Lives In Cinema, Cuecliche, Pretty Pistol, Tirades and Sumo Cyco.

And all 1,355 songs and 85 hours and counting on the master GigRadar Playlist:


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