New Band of the Week: 7he 7ouch

The mantra of ‘out of adversity comes opportunity’ is epitomised by Athens-born rockers 7he 7ouch. Their Greek homeland was hit harder than most by the financial crisis several years back, but the situation inspired the five-piece to up roots and head for London.

The change of scene has been far from easy at times – with the band often broke and homeless – but they’ve worked tirelessly and begun to make a real name for themselves on the London rock scene.

7he 7ouch first formed out of two sets of different childhood friendships that saw Constantine (vocals), Stelios and John (guitars) joined by Toni (bass) and Apostolis (drums) for a studio jam in their homeland back in 2012. As Constantine puts it: “It was the need to escape from our daily routine and the lust to make new music and experiment with new sounds.”

Living in the midst of the Greek financial crisis was tough, but a move to London in 2014 brought its own difficulties. As Constantine explains: “Greece wasn’t the best place to be and the music industry was non-existent, so we decided to take a leap and pursue a musical career in London. Every new beginning has its difficulties and obstacles to overcome, the first days were tough but we learned from it. The most important thing was that we had each other.

“It is a fact that we had to crash some nights at McDonald’s in our first days in London. Big Macs saved us! The fact that our pockets were empty because we were totally broke and we were homeless for days made McDonald’s our home. Sorry vegans.”

Music has played a massive part in their lives, from finding their path in life through to moving to the UK. From Constantine’s perspective, it has been his only escape from the world.

As he tells us: “I remember being very shy as a kid, especially when I joined junior high school. My parents put me in an athletic school (I used to be a football player through my high school years) and I had to leave my friends behind and settle in a new environment. This estranged me more and it was very hard for me to make new friends.

“I remember when I first saw Chop Suey (System of a Down) playing on MTV, back in the days where MTV was playing real music and not the shitty ass reality shows that it is all about today. I stood in awe as it shook my inner world and awakened my spirit. Soon after, I dropped out the athletic high school, went back to my old school and reunited with my friends. Then I met Stelios and on his 15th birthday bash we went to a jam in the studio in our old drummer Dems’ garage.

“Stelios had a bass guitar and another friend of ours Chokobra had just started taking guitar lessons. I had no idea what I was doing so I saw the mic and instantly grabbed it. A few minutes later we came up with our first song. It was an instant crush. I knew after we left the studio that this was it, I loved being in a band. The creativity, the connection, the communication through sounds, I loved all of it and I knew that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

They’ve since harnessed that enthusiasm and honed a hard-hitting rock sound that pays homage to the past with big guitar solos mixed in amongst memorable melodies with a ferocious force. A good taster for this is most recent single You Can, which opens with big guitar chords and a searing lick then dropping into a laid-back opening verse that gradually builds towards a powerful, catchy chorus. Check it out in the lyric video below:

Debut single Solution is equally catchy, opening up with guitar chords then a big drum roll gives way to an opening verse of vocals supported by a repeating low guitar riff. That builds up to a singalong chorus “Stay out of this, stay out of this, No-one’s promising tomorrow there will be no other sorrow, No-one’s promising grace. You need to stay out of this, stay out of this, No one’s destined not to be now, And it’s more than ever doesn’t matter,” then a big cry of “Come on, come on, come on, I’m not the enemy, I’m just your favourite problem for the solution, Come on, come on, come on, I’m not the enemy, I’m just your favourite game not an illusion.” Check it out in the video below:

Our first two tasters of 7he 7ouch sound are ridiculously catchy and promise plenty for the release of the band’s debut EP, which is released next month and it’s safe to say they’re looking forward to. As Constantine tells us: “We are pretty pumped! We couldn’t be more excited. We have been working on this for two years now and we cannot wait to share it with the world. We are very proud and pleased with what we have crafted. All I can say is that it sounds BIG and the guitar element is very present.”

The band take influence from all manner of music genres, as Constantine explains: “We all differ in taste and preferences, but we definitely complete each other. Everyone in the band is, of course, listening to any piece of music and artist that sounds right, but we all have our favourite eras like most people.

“John and Tony are more excited about the beginning of rock’n’roll and how the sound of it gradually became harder and harder. John is a 60’s and 70’s rock, blues and heavy metal admirer. Toni is absolutely an 80’s freak. Me and Stelios are definitely kids of the 90’s and 2000’s with many nu-metal influences and still exploring the newest genres for new sounds. Dave is the only one that actually studied music so he has a greater opinion of the music genre spectrum and also loves hip-hop and rap music.”

7he 7ouch’s debut EP is out at the end of next month, with an EP launch show to come in early November. They should also be out on tour towards the end of the year and back in the studio by then too.

You can follow 7he 7ouch on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter to stay tuned for more info, and check out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

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