New Music Friday Round-Up: 14th September

Happy Friday people, and welcome along to another edition of the latest and greatest new music. Today we bring you some Scottish post-hardcore, chaotic metal, fun pop-punk, a bit of a breather with some Canadian pop-rock and a fix of new hip-hop infused metal.

Tenements – What Hasn’t Killed You Is Only Getting Stronger (EP)

We’re loving this debut effort from the Glasgow post-hardcore newcomers Tenements. The EP, released last Friday, fuses full-on metal screamed sections with moments of singalong melody that brings post-hardcore into the modern day with a delicious Scottish twang.

The EP opens up with latest single The Fear, which begins with a slowly building intro with pounding drums over drawn-out guitars then launches into a ferocious assault of an opening verse. A pause for breath is followed by another blitz of screamed vocals and low-tuned guitars in a short, fast, breathless opening track. Check it out in the video below.

Debut single Silhouettes opens up with driving drums and a cool fast-paced guitar lick. High-pitched vocals open up the verse and are suddenly replaced by screams that reflect the angsty lyrics. A more layered second verse sees chugging guitars under high-pitched guitars, then another singalong chorus ends on looping guitars that give way to an onslaught of intense screams. This is post-hardcore at its very finest.

What Hasn’t Killed You Is Only Getting Stronger is out now on iTunes and Spotify. You can follow Tenements on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. And you can check out our full review of the EP here.

Jack The Envious – Walk in the Dark (Single)

Israeli-born London rockers Jack The Envious – our New Band of the Week last May – are back with a punky fuelled track that sounds upbeat but is based on the fight between doing what you think is right and what people expect you do. It opens up with big blasts of guitar answered by little flurries of high notes that continue a verse of Nir Perlman’s . Then a bridge of fast-paced vocals leads into a catchy yet sombre chorus “You’re heading in the wrong way, You can’t handle this on your own, Your life is going nowhere, Got to pick up the pieces all alone, It’s just the voice in your head, It changes all the choices you make, And you can’t turn away ‘cos you get this far.”  Check it out in the video below.

Walk in the Dark is out now on Spotify. You can follow Jack The Envious on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram.

Everyone and Anyone – Anything Worth Having (EP)

Give us 90s fuelled feel-good pop-punk we hear you cry. Your wish is our command, and we duly deliver you the third EP from North Wales quintet Everyone and Anyone – who I’m pretty sure are the only band I’ve ever heard of being from Rhyl. I once went to Rhyl to watch a football match – it was wonderful.

Anyway, the five-piece have come up with a fun and energetic five-track EP. It opens up with a fun little guitar riff intro with big cymbal hits in the intro to History, that gives way to a blast of punky guitar chords. Fun angsty punky vocals kick in and lead into a singalong chorus that ends on the line “You brought out the worst in me, Now all we have is history.” There’s a fun little breakdown of stabby chords that feed into a final blast of the chorus.

The EP’s lead single Rainy Days follows, with chunky chords, a cry of “Woo” then a jumpy little riff leads into big punky vocals supported by fast-paced chords and driving drums. Check it out in the video below:

Third track Setbacks opens up with stabby chords, a little riff, then a lively verse that drops into a more laid-back chorus. A fun second verse follows with the line “No more settling for second best, ‘Cos I’m so sick of starting over” leads into the singalong chorus.

An intense sub-one minute track Nothing To My Name follows, with almost screamed vocals over pounding drums lamenting “I guess you couldn’t give a shit, ‘Cos you’ve got all those bills to pay, I’ve got nothing to my… name.”

The EP closes out as it began, with more fast-paced energetic punk in the edgy Pushing Daisies. It’s fast, fun and highly likely to brighten up your Friday.

Anything Worth Having is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Everyone and Anyone on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

ChuggaBoom – Growing Pains (Single)

Something absolutely wild, but utterly brilliant from the creepy mask-adorning, self-acclaimed ‘The Greatest Metalcore Band on Earth™’ ChuggaBoom.

It starts out with a train announcement, then impressive high-pitched vocals from frontman Levi Taurus “When I was a young boy, My stepdad said to me, Please stop wearing girls’ jeans and give your room a clean, But Nigel I can’t do what you request of me, This path I have chosen is who I long to be.” That delicious melody is soon long-forgotten with an almighty smash of low-tuned guitars and eerie gothic backing sounds that are soon joined by some scary vocals, then a blast of fast-paced screamed vocals. Not only do they have one of the best band names out there, they also create sensational metal music.

The huge doomy vocals and guitars continue throughout, contrasted by melodic clean vocals through the chorus “Don’t ever regret the choices that you make, They made you who you are today, If you wanna give up, stop, Remember don’t give a fuck, I wanna see you put your hands up.” Then some more high-pitched vocals “My depression is killing me, And I don’t know what to think, My mum won’t take me seriously, She doesn’t know what I mean” is blown away by a cry of “Fuck you it’s my life not yours, it’s mine, I can do what I like.” Check it out below.

Growing Pains is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow ChuggaBoom on Facebook and Twitter.

We Are The City – Mid-Tempo Drama (Single)

To take the pace down a step or two, we’d like to introduce you to Canadian trio We Are The City. I first discovered these guys while living over in Vancouver for a year, and saw them win a national Battle of the Bands competition. They’re awesome, and lovely chaps to boot.

Latest track Mid-Tempo Drama gives you insight into the band’s great lyric writing in a laid-back dark track fused by a range of buzzy synth sounds. It opens with laid-back vocals over “There’s something wrong with you, I guarantee there’s something wrong with all of you, Is there something wrong in your head, Or is there nothing real to do, Like a car crash, Right on cue, Like fashion, Always new, Like ageing,” over a synthy drone sound. Check it out in the video below.

Mid-Tempo Drama is out now on Spotify, and you can follow We Are The City on Facebook and Twitter.

Sylar – SHOOK! (Single)

And ending on a high, check out the hip-hop infused metal sound of Queens, New York five-piece Sylar. SHOOK! showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly slip from rapped verses into full-on metal onslaughts of intensity, with booming riffs throughout. We’ll be chatting to the band, who are all set to head out on US-wide tour with Beartooth for the next couple of months, shortly. So stay tuned for more soon. Check the single out in the video below.

SHOOK! is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Sylar on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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