Introducing: A Few Too Many

Pop-punk cynics among you may well say there’s a few too many pop-punk bands out there doing the same old pop-punk music. But luckily for you, Cambridgeshire five-piece A Few Too Many are here to offer, to quote the mighty Peep Show, ‘two fingers to those cynics.’

A Few too Many carry the classic fun, energetic elements of anthemic pop-punk with a heavier, rockier edge. As they tell us: “We like to put on a fun, lively show with plenty of audience interaction and actively encourage participation. We might be a pop-punk band by name but with the varying influences we have, we try and bring elements of other genres into our music, both recorded and in our performances.”

Hailing from Saffron Walden, the band was started up by Mike Achilles (vocals) and Danny Freeman (rhythm guitar and vocals) during college, who were inspired to start music by the likes of Blink-182 and Good Charlotte. There have been a few lineup changes along the way, with fairly established members Jez Giles (lead guitar) and Luke D’Alton (bass and vocals) – whose love for Funeral For A Friend and Slipknot give you an idea of the heavier edge of the band – being joined by drummer Mitch Holleyman last month.

And with the new man on board, the band are set to unleash a brand new EP next month, on which they promise: “A more refined and polished sound that is more individual rather than trying to sound like our influences. (It’s) more mature songwriting from a lyrical standpoint, the riffs and drums are more technical and the whole EP is a lot punchier.

The first taste of what’s to come from the new EP is title track Solid Ground, which was released at the end of last month. It starts with laid-back vocals through the opening verse supported by palm-muted guitars and fun darting guitars, then dives into a more energetic chorus with dual vocals “This year has let me feeling upside down, I don’t know the right way round, I need to find some solid ground. Next year I’ll be in a better place, And every time you see my face, I hope it makes you feel safe,” supported by wild pounding drums.

The higher pitched vocals take over in the second verse building up to the fun chorus, then the chorus vocals are repeated over building guitars and drums that lead into a final blast of the chorus. It promises fun, punky rock goodness awaits on the new EP. Check it out in the video below.

On the track, the band say: “Solid Ground is a song about finding your feet again after your life has been turned upside down, leaving the past behind and looking forward to the future.”

And in terms of what inspires their music, they stay pretty close to what you might expect from most punk bands, telling us: “Personal experiences varying from things like relationships to mental health issues or just generally having a good time.”

The band’s new EP, Solid Ground, is out on 12 October and you can see them play The Unicorn in Camden, along with our pals in Cuecliche and Our Lives In Cinema, on 15 November.

You can follow A Few Too Many on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.

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