Introducing: Chasing Dragons

Leeds rockers Chasing Dragons have merged modern metal influences with those of days gone by in a sound they describe as “metal for today with one eye on the glorious past.”

The band have only existed in their current guise since February, when guitarist Adam Smith joined Tank (vocals), Murf (bass and vocals) and Kate Bullock (drums), who came together as a “real band” with the release of EP Checkmate back in 2014. Another EP Faction:Prologue followed in 2016, from which the chorus of awesome opening track Devil In Her Eyes epitomises the exciting heavy yet catchy singalong Chasing Dragons sound. Check it out in the visually impressive video below:

As Turk tells us: “The metal aspect was just natural, we all listen to and are inspired by a lot of different artists but throwing it all together has created this modern twist on old vibes and we’re very comfortable with that. Though that’s not to say we won’t evolve as each record comes to pass; a band is and should be the sum of its parts, not a derived sound created by working backwards from an end goal.”

The band release their debut album Faction on Friday (5 October), which follows a Kickstarter campaign that saw them double their original funding target. On the album, Tank told us: “We can’t wait. On a scale of one to ten, our excitement is off the charts. We just want it out already! You can expect a mass of hard-hitting riffs, plenty of sing back hooky choruses, rhythms that get stuck in your head for days and solos that melt your heart! We’ve tried to create a diverse and distinct album with plenty of different songs, each with their own but also intertwined stories.”

The first taster of this is latest single Like Gravity, which was released in July. It opens up with smashes of low-tuned guitars answered by high-pitched blitzes then dives into a huge opening verse with Tank’s powerful vocals supported by big chugging guitar chords. A more melodic singalong chorus follows, then a brief pause before diving back into the pounding guitars and drums in a second verse.

The second verse ends with descending guitars, then drops into laid-back vocals over light guitars before gradually building up to a fast-paced guitar lick over cries of “let your gravity bring me back home,” before a quick guitar solo feeds into a final chorus.

Check out the first single from Faction below:

Sticking with the album, we talked about how the band went about creating it. Tank told us: “It’s a very long process. The most demanding thing for us has been the financial aspects. If we could, we’d write music all day, every day, but that’s just not possible! Thankfully our Kickstarter campaign was received really well and has really helped us get this album to release. But we’re still all living off beans on toast, ha!”

And on what influences them to write music, it’s pretty broad ranging – from the likes of Avenged Sevenfold and Halestorm through to P!nk, Travis Barker and Albert Collins. As Tank explains: “Everything. Literally everything. Our music is a summation of our own individual and collective experiences. We don’t consciously theme anything, but rather look at a collection of tracks and see if there’s a trending theme emerging.”

Faction is out on Friday and available for pre-order here, and you can catch Catching Dragons touring across the UK next month. More info on their gigs is on their website and Facebook.

You can follow Chasing Dragons on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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