New Music Friday Round-Up: 5 October

Happy Friday one and all. We have so much awesome new music for you to get stuck into today, and yet again it’s all British!

This week’s new music fix takes in no fewer than four of our former New Bands of the Week. We’ve got new singles from one of our favourite metal bands and our favourite indie-rockers, an EP from an exciting female-fronted band, several new singles from British rockers, and two more singles from awesome British metal bands. Enjoy.

wars – In A Mirror, Dimly (Single)

Yet another belter from the Rugby-based metal quintet – our New Band of the Week last July – who warmed up WWE fans at Wembley Arena last week. In A Mirror, Dimly opens up with a delicious riff that bears a passing resemblance to that of The Art Of Not Knowing, the opening track from debut album We Are All Islands, After All, with a naughty little cowbell smashing away in the background.

It dives into a chunky riff that continues under frontman Rob Vicars’ trademark screamed vocals, with high-pitched guitars coming in to add depth. It drops into a big singalong chorus of “We stare into mirrors, We search for forgiveness,” with jaunty little guitars looping their way through underneath. The second verse dives into a reprieve of the opening riff under a final blast of screamed vocals “I look into the mirror, And ask of me, Why must I hate the self I see, I look into the mirror, And see a sea of doubt, And know that I’m seeing the inside out.”

This track once again promises plenty for the release of their second EP, and third record in total, As Within // So Without in January. Check it out in the stream below:

In A Mirror, Dimly is out now and available on Spotify and all platforms here, and you can follow wars on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

War Waves – A Lion’s Head (Single)

When it comes to talented, intriguing songwriters, War Waves frontman Marc Newby is right up there. And he’s at it again with the Ipswich indie-rockers’ – our New Band of the Week in September 2016 – latest single A Lion’s Head, typified by the line from the second verse: “Some of us are cunts, and some of us are sweet.”

The new track sees the band reignite their rockier edge, with engaging dual vocals throughout adding extra intrigue. It opens up with a looping guitar riff over driving drums that drops into the opening line “There’s something about this house that changes everything, It’s not a role reverse of sorts but it’s crippling, And I’d define success if it’d settle down with me, And I believe in anything except for my beliefs.” Another blast of guitar chords feeds into a second verse that contains the “Some of us are strong and I guess some of us are weak, Some of us move along while some others melt their speech, Some of us take harm and trust and make them the same thing, Some of us are cunts and some of us are sweet.” I love it, and fully urge you to go and listen to War Waves.

A Lion’s Head is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp, check it out in the video below and follow War Waves on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Reawaken – Monochrome (EP)

Powerful heavy rock led by the fantastic vocals of Meg Parkinson, Reawaken – our New Band of the Week back in August – make an impressive statement with their debut EP Monochrome.

They open up in style with opening track Don’t Run, which launches into huge, high-pitched wails from Meg then drops into a meandering verse with stabby guitars in support. Drawn-out vocals dominate the chorus, then a big smash of guitars lead into a more intense verse and repeats of “Don’t run away, don’t run away from me.” More powerful vocals kick in and lead into a mini guitar bridge, then a delicious little wah-wah guitar kicks in under more huge vocals. Check it out in the video below:

Meg’s vocals again dominate Black Tears, which begins with a light guitar intro with light vocals “When the rain pours down and your heart won’t make a sound, And black tears roll down, finding faces in the ground, When your body is weak and your mouth can’t speak, As when you lose control, as when you find yourself.” The vocals increase in intensity in a powerful chorus supported by driving guitars, then eventually give way to a meandering guitar solo that feeds into a more technical, high-pitched solo. Another smash of vocals follows, ending on an insanely good high note.

C.R.A.W.L. opens up with a moody, jumpy guitar riff and gives way to a chilled out opening verse. Palm-muted guitars come in as the vocals ramp up and build towards more powerful, high-pitched vocals “I feel you in my bones, It’s something I can’t control, I’ll tell you something I shouldn’t do, But I’ll compromise for you.” A fast-paced repeating riff comes in as the second verse gradually builds up to another chorus, then a long guitar solo gives way to a final chorus.

Final track I’m Gone opens up with delicate high-pitched vocals supported by light guitars, and gradually builds up in intensity with the line “You’re a psycho driving me insane” towards a huge smash of powerful vocals that bring the EP to a fitting ending.

On the EP, the band told us: “We went into the studio almost a year ago to record it, so releasing it after all this time is very exciting for all of us. We wanted to create an EP that gave people who haven’t seen us live a snapshot into our live shows. Fans can expect a four track EP with each song having its own unique vibe and storyline. Listeners will now be able to hear the Reawaken sound.”

Monochrome is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Reawaken on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Bloody English – Conflict Resolution (Single)

What better for a Friday wake-up than some angsty, loud and raucous punk rock. London’s Bloody English – who, with a previous single called Fuck Off, you can probably expect plenty of angsty punkiness – today release their fourth single, and it offers those three things in absolute spades.

It opens up with a repeating guitar chord then a menacing riff comes in over the top, soon joined by driving drums in a lively intro. Breathless vocals come in over a heavy rumbling bassline, then drawn out chords over cries of “I need conflict resolution, I got problems, With solutions” soon give way to the return of the almost spoken, shouty verse vocals. Check it out in the stream below.

You can see Bloody English for yourself as they play two east London gigs in the next week, starting at Blondies in Clapton tomorrow night and The Beehive in Bow next Saturday. More info here.

Conflict Resolution is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Bloody English on Facebook and Instagram.

The Baskervilles – Blind Ambition (Single)

Another slice of delicious rocky goodness from the Ipswich quartet. Blind Ambition opens up with a cool darting guitar riff over a big bassline then drops into a laid-back verse dominated by frontman James Betts’ vocals, then big guitars join in for the chorus before dropping out for another cool verse. A singalong chorus opening “Blind ambition has got us there” is followed by a cool low-tuned riff, then it all drops out before gradually building up to a final chorus. Check it out in the video below.

Blind Ambition is out now on Spotify and YouTube, and you can follow The Baskervilles on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

SHVPES – Afterlife (Single)

This is a really diverse track from the Birmingham quintet, opening up with a cool riff then big backing vocals over a mass of guitars and driving drums. Laid-back vocals come in, followed by rapped vocals that lead into a pre-chorus and a return of the “woh-oh” backing vocals alongside big singalong lyrics “Clinging onto life, Choppers in the sky, Shutting out the light, Like I’m fighting off the afterlife.” Give it a listen in the stream below.

You can see SHVPES along with the boys in wars and COVE, in what promises to be a truly awesome tour next month. More info on those gigs is here.

Afterlife is out now on Spotify and all digital platforms here, and you can follow SHVPES on Facebook and Twitter.

Dayshifter – Common Ground (Single)

The mighty sound of Newcastle’s melodic hardcore act Dayshifter, our New Band of the Week last week, is back with a brand new single Common Ground. It opens up with light, twinkling guitar notes then a cry of “Another nail in the coffin, another foot in the grave” beckons in a huge wall of low-tuned guitars and screamed vocals. Huge screamed vocals kick in over a mass of low-tuned guitars along with the occasional luscious “bleugh” noise, then a more melodic, dark-sounding chorus kicks in. Check it out in the stream below.

Common Ground is out now on Spotify and iTunes and you can follow Dayshifter on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Witterquick – Damaged (Single)

It’s rocky and full of deliciously engaging vocals bringing to life some interesting vocals – such as “Salt in my lungs, Am I damaged, Am I damaging my air” – this is a cracking new track from the Exeter quintet, who we first introduced you to last March. Opening up with stabbing guitars alongside meandering, catchy vocals then bursts into a singalong chorus of “Who could believe it that we’re finished, Now there’s two of us, It’s funny the laughter was the fire that came back to us, And I don’t believe it, I’m fighting for the world to know, Wish I could control it, But we’re right back on the liar’s throne.” Check it out in the lyric video below.

Damaged is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Witterquick on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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