Introducing: Blind Revision

We’ve discovered a pretty special band from across the other side of the pond, in the form of Massachusetts hard-rockers Blind Revision. The quintet fuses hard rock, post-hardcore and progressive influences, with huge riffs and rocking solos supporting the impressive vocals of frontwoman Jen Janet – who we’re pretty sure is the first model to be interviewed on GigRadar.

Blind Revision first formed when lead singer Jen Janet met guitarist Kirk Scully at college. His roommate, Phillip Clougher, became their bassist and they met guitarist Jake Bedard through mutual friends in the music scene while drummer Jamie Steele went to school with Kirk.

The band’s most recent release is an intriguing concept EP Of White And Grey, on which each song represents a different lobe of the human brain and a demon that people have to deal with, then a final track that represents an ending or resolution.

As Jen explains: “It follows one main character, the subject, and represents a descent into his or her mind – it’s a psychological concept album. Each song also represents a different ‘demon’ this person has to deal with, for example, addiction, anxiety, etc…”

And what they’ve delivered is really exciting. It starts off with a long building intro to Parietal: Pressure, then launches into big guitar chords under a meandering piano line, then a huge guitar solo takes over. A big smash of heavier guitars come in as the piano continues, then drops into lighter flickering guitars as Jen’s impressive distant high-pitched vocals come in. At more than four minutes in comes the first lyrics “Can you feel the pressure, Can you feel it in the bones, Can you feel the pressure, The walls are drawing on close,” which build up to a heavy ending of repeats of “I can’t touch, can’t taste your mind” over chugging guitars.

Then Temporal: Mercury is a real epic, opening up with a light guitar lick then a quickfire guitar solo blitz drops into an opening verse of powerful lyrics over chugging guitar chords. Big high-pitched vocals follow then another laid-back guitar solo that drops into another verse “Tipsy with nostalgia, I’m hearing colours, The family pictures, They don’t matter to me because I’m selfish now” then repeats of “What if this is all we are? White and grey matter and a few blood splatters?” A big guitar solo follows and flows into the chorus of big catchy vocals “You can’t save me. I’ll fight for I, Semper fi, I’ll fight for me, I am a mercenary.”

Frontal: Seeker shows off the heavier side of the band, opening up with big low-tuned guitars then diving into a lively opening verse. The chugging guitars return then continue under the delicious fast-paced vocals “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, When I’m up in the clouds I feel I’m closest, I feel heaven and I’m less hopeless, God forgive me, I need you to know this” then really cool cries of “Oh oh oh, I’m co-co-coming home.”

And the big rockiness continues on Occipital: Covenant, which opens up with an awesome guitar riff and chords, then chugging chords and diving guitar blasts support Jen’s vocals through a haunting verse. That builds up to a huge chorus of delicious high-pitched vocals “I’m so sorry, You’re so beautiful, But I don’t want to break my, I don’t want to break myself.” Then it drops down into repeating hits of chords, then gradually building vocals “Brain chemicals, brain chemicals, that’s all it is, that’s all that’s love, That’s all it is, your bloodshot eyes teasing me,” then a smash of high-pitched guitars support a cry of “Brain chemicals, brain chemicals, what do you see? What do you need? Do we see what we want, or is it all a dream?” A huge guitar solo kicks in and leads into another awesome chorus. Check it out in the lyric video below:


The EP closes out with Ashes, which begins with ridiculously good high-pitched vocals, then a dark and brooding opening verse then a powerful chorus of “Favilla, I will be ashes, Favilla, I will be ashes, Without warning a storm is coming, we are waiting for the end, Waiting for the end, Give me one day before the world ends.” And the track signs off as it starts with cool high-pitched vocals, bringing an awesome EP to a fitting ending.

Expanding further on the concept behind the EP, Jen explains: “I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I’ve always been very interested in the idea that many people are able to persevere despite all odds. I have a lot of friends who have been successful despite awful things happening to them, and that really inspires me.

“I think in our own way, we all deal with things like this at times and I really wanted to explore that by mixing it with the biological aspect of what drives us: our brain. It’s really just a lump of cells and yet it allows us to be who we are, which is pretty cool.”

If that’s piqued your interest, then watch Janet talk through the lyrics in the video below:



And on what inspires their music, Jen explains: “Anything I experience. Sometimes if I have writer’s block being in nature is really helpful. I try to write in a specific room in my house that overlooks a forest, so I can look out the window and sometimes feel inspired. I’ve noticed the weather/time of year really influences what I write about and how I write, so that’s interesting.”

We’re loving the sound of Blind Revision, and we’re not alone. The band has already received a series of award nominations in and around the Massachusetts music scene, including a best female vocalist award and best hard and rock metal band in the New England Music Awards. As Jen says “It feels great! It’s amazing because this past year especially, we have been nominated for a few. And we’ve been nominated alongside some very talented people, so it’s wonderful that hard work is being recognised.”

If you’re lucky enough to be in the US then you can see Blind Revision open up the Rock and Shock Festival – which includes the likes of Amorphis, Wintersun, Dark Tranquility and the awesome Sarah Longfield – at the Worcester Palladium on Saturday (13 October), and two further gigs next week in New Bedford and Providence. More info on their gigs is here.

You can follow Blind Revision on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp, iTunes, YouTube and Spotify.

And if you like what you hear from Jen’s voice then you’re in luck as she’s also in a prog rock project a la the likes of Plini and Tesseract called Mimesis, which is formed of musicians from across the New England music scene, and a third, yet to be announced, band. You can follow Jen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out more.

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