Introducing: Lüdo

The growing Norwegian hardcore punk scene has another name to add to its list of exciting new bands, with the thrilling new sound of Lüdo. The five-piece from Kristiansand, the fifth largest city in Norway, have honed an aggressive hardcore punk sound fused with catchy choruses that, in their words, “you can and should sing along to.”

The quintet of vocalist Martin Morsund – who the band claim is “the world’s loudest singer” – guitarists Sebastian Barøy and Kristoffer Kile, bassist Gabriel Sæther and drummer Adrian Neykov originally formed as a one-off thing for a local talent show.

As Sebastian explains: “We were all busy with other musical projects at the time, so we didn’t really have time for more than that. But a few months down the road the drummer and the vocalist of my previous band both quit, so I had to find another band to use as my creative outlet. Thankfully the other guys also had time for Lüdo at this point, otherwise I’d probably be sitting alone in my room playing acoustic guitar.”

Far from being alone in his room, Sebastian and his bandmates have just released their debut single Heard It All Before. And it’s a brilliant introduction to the band.

It launches straight into a jumpy riff over slow drums, then a huge scream over driving drums and the same riff, which continues into a vicious opening verse of an assault of screamed vocals by Martin. It drops into a singalong chorus “We’ve heard it all before, But we’re always down for more, We’re always down for something that can satisfy our needs, The walls are closing in, The patience wearing thin, We’re always down for something that can satisfy our needs,” with a cool guitar lick over the top, then dropping into another smash of big guitars.

The pace suddenly drops right down with spoken vocals, but not for long, with another blitz of screams taking over. A lone drumbeat follows a second chorus, soon joined by distant vocals, then screams over cool guitar chords before giving away to a final blast of the chorus. And the track closes out with a mass of big vocals and guitars. Check it out in the stream below:

On the track’s reception, Sebastian tells us: “It’s been awesome! It just feels really good to finally have our first track out there, what’s even better is that people actually seem to be enjoying the song. For those who haven’t heard the song yet, I would say quite simply; expect spunky riffs, intense vocals, and lots of dynamics. As for the future, we have two more songs ready to be released in the coming months, and we’re well on our way with writing new material.”

Drawing inspiration from bands like Letlive, Rise Against and Architects, as well as more progressive bands like Periphery and Moron Police, Sebastian describes their sound as “spunky, dynamic and intense.” While on their topics behind their music, he adds: “Anger usually ends up being our greatest source of inspiration. Whenever we find ourselves angry or upset, we usually find songwriting to be the most effective remedy, so we end up writing a lot of angry songs. As for specific topics, we’ve written a lot about leaders (both political and religious) who abuse their power for their own gain.”

As referenced above, there’s a really strong hardcore punk movement emerging across Norway, on which Sebastian explains: “I’m guessing it might have something to do with that here in Norway, we’ve always been told since we were children that we live in the best country in the world. Not just by our parents but by international polls and all, Norway almost always scores very highly on charts over the world’s happiest countries, or the worlds most democratic countries, and so on.

“Being told things like these all our lives, a lot of us will react negatively when we finally grow old enough to see that the state of our county is not as great as we have been told, and that it’s up to us to fix it.”

You can follow Lüdo on Facebook and Instagram, and listen to Heard It All Before on Spotify.

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