New Music Friday Round-Up: 12 October

We’ve brought you some pretty damn good new music in the last few weeks, but this week’s offering is up there with the best yet.

We’ve got a new single from our favourite East London rockers, a bunch of new singles from British metalcore, rock and indie-rock bands, a new punk-rock EP and an astoundingly good album from what must be Italy’s best tech metal band.

Chapter and Verse – Ink (Single)

To quote the East London lads themselves, Chapter and Verse is finally alive. Although that’s doing their previous work a hell of a massive discredit, Ink is truly wonderful.

This is a track that I’ve heard several times, given it’s a staple of their live set, and it’s always a highlight of their show. It opens with a looping guitar lick and repeating drumbeat, which continue under frontman Josh Carter’s delicious vocals “The second half of this page is empty, I have been working on it for so long, That the paper’s turned from white to kind of coffee colour, I have been working on it for so long.”

It gradually builds up in rockiness and intensity, with big high pitched vocals leading into heavier drums under the line “You think I’m crazy and you might as well be right, This drug has highs and lows, But I’m waiting for the..” which gives way to repeats of “One in a million” that you can’t help but sing along with. The second round of the chorus sees these repeated words extended over a big bassline, then a piercing ascending guitar line builds up the tension under huge high-pitched vocals. That then gives way to a rockier rendition of the chorus to bring the track to an end.

On the new track, Josh says: “Ink is about feeling disillusioned with adulthood and the dangers that lie in obsessing over self-improvement. The song is unlike anything we’ve done before and we’ve been really embracing the evolution of what we do. CHAPTER AND VERSE has become a vessel for us to properly embrace life and for us this song serves as a reminder that focusing only on how to be happy can actually give you the opposite outcome.”

Our New Band of the Week way back in January 2017 are very much a band on the up. Their stunning live performances earned them a place at this year’s 2000 Trees, they play a sold-out headline show at the Black Heart in Camden on Thursday (18 October), with support from Bellevue Days and Luke Rainsford, and support Mallory Knox in Tunbridge Wells the following Thursday (25 October).

Ink is out now on Spotify and iTunes, check it out in the video below and you can follow Chapter and Verse on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Backroads – A House For Casey (Single)

The Bristol metalcore act today release the final track of their debut EP as a single. Floaty guitar sounds open up and continue over harsh, emotional sounding screamed vocals that begin “I stay awake until 4am again, I spent so many nights trying to make this right, Doing my best to survive, Why can’t you see.” A slow heavy drumbeat joins in, until a barrage of fast-paced guitar chords come in alongside floaty guitars supported by rolling, pounding drums that are soon joined by high-pitched vocals over the previous harsh screams.

A House For Casey is available on SpotifyBandcamp and iTunes, and can follow Backroads on Facebook and Twitter.

All Ears Avow – Skin and Bones (Single)

The Swindon band’s latest single gives us a taste of their upcoming EP of the same name, which is out on 14 December. And if this track is anything to go by, it should be a belter.

It opens up with ascending guitar chords, then a little distant lick that gives way to a cool stabby guitar riff. A chilled opening verse is dominated by Claire Sutton’s vocals, then a lone cry of “I’ll be right here” jumps into a lively chorus “In my skin, In my bones, We’ll pray together keep the fire buring on and on.” An edgier second verse follows, with stabby guitars adding intensity to a really catchy track.

Check it out in the video below, and you can see All Ears Avow on tour with the also brilliant Kill The Ideal in December, more info on that here.

Skin and Bones is out now on Spotify, and you can follow All Ears Avow on Facebook and Twitter.

A Few Too Many – Solid Ground (EP)

Expect fun, fast-paced, energetic punk aplenty from the Saffron Walden crew’s second EP. It opens up in fine style with the catchy Stay The Night, which opens up with a fun punky riff and driving drums, drops into a singalong verse then a big catchy chorus.

Next, Ultimate Glory opens up with a lively intro that ends on a huge drumroll, which returns to drive into a singalong chorus. I really enjoy the sound of Pity Parade, with an almost irish jig feel to the jaunty verses that mixes things up a little.

It closes out with title track Solid Ground, which is probably my favourite song on the record. Laid-back vocals open up, supported by palm-muted guitars and fun darting guitars, before the energetic, really catchy chorus “This year has let me feeling upside down, I don’t know the right way round, I need to find some solid ground. Next year I’ll be in a better place, And every time you see my face, I hope it makes you feel safe” driven forward by wild pounding drums. Check it out in the video below.

On the new EP the band told us to expect: “A more refined and polished sound that is more individual rather than trying to sound like our influences. (It’s) more mature songwriting from a lyrical standpoint, the riffs and drums are more technical and the whole EP is a lot punchier.”

Solid Ground is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow A Few Too Many on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Covasettes – Wild (Single)

More anthemic catchy goodness from the Manchester indie-rockers, our New Band of the Week this time last year. Wild opens up with a jaunty guitar riff then an upbeat opening verse, before driving drums pick the pace up in a chorus of “Just tell me how you want this to be, I said, I beg you please, I’m tired of running wild, I said I’m tired of running wild.”

A second chorus drops down into a repeating bass note and light flickers of guitar under repeats of “There’s no stopping me… when I’m like this” that give way to a cool guitar lick over driving drums and funky high-pitched vocals.

On the new track, the band tell us: “From the minute we finished Wild, it was a song we were immediately excited about and it quickly became a staple in our setlist. We’ve been sitting on Wild for a while now and we’re so excited to be finally releasing it, it’s definitely the most hyped we’ve been for a song.”

Wild is out now on Spotify, and you can follow The Covasettes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dayshifter – Common Ground (Single)

We gave the Newcastle melodic hardcore act’s new track a review in last week’s NMF, and now they’ve released a video for it. Check it out below!

Common Ground is out now on Spotify and iTunes and you can follow Dayshifter on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Our Hollow, Our Home – Father & Ghost

Speaking of huge metal brings us nicely onto the new track from Southampton metalcore act Our Hollow, Our Home. Our New Band of the Week back in March 2017 bring us a taste of their new album In Moment // In Memory, which is out next Friday.

Intensely heavy verses of screamed vocals and wild guitars are perfectly contrasted by delicious melodic choruses. The band are masters of contrast, as displayed by the second verse featuring some awesome diving low-tuned guitars, before dropping into a mellow moment of laid-back high-pitched vocals leading into a heavy ending. Check it out below.

Father & Ghost is out now on Spotify and you can pre-order the new album here. You can follow Our Hollow, Our Home on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Shading – The Vanishing Of Our Lore (Album)

And something truly special to bring your Friday music listening to an epic ending, with the Venetian tech metallers’ brand new cyberpunk-themed album – which I don’t think I can do justice in this small space, you’ll have to go and check it out for yourself. But, I’ll give it a go…

Second track Breathless is exactly that. It launches straight into a huge barrage of screamed vocals over stabbing low-tuned guitars, then massive growls over pounding drums. A brief pause from the chaos sees high-pitched vocals take over, building up to a chorus of powerful vocals that feeds into an onslaught of fast-paced guitars. Then some really cool stabbing guitars support staccatoed vocal delivery that ends with a cry of “Oo yeah.” There’s another pause, then screeching guitars come in alongside cool jumpy riffs and wild vocals.

The intensity continues on Convergence then Worldwaker, which opens up with light guitars then high-pitched vocals, including the line “Somehow it seems that everybody wants to die,” which gives way to a scream of “It’s getting dark” over huge driving low-tuned guitars. Awesome high-pitched guitars come in with drawn-out low-tuned guitars underneath, then huge drum rolls give way to an almighty blast of tech metal goodness under wild vocals. It’s pretty incredible.

Speaking of which, Stranger evolves from a light, melodic opening into a huge tech metal beast with giant screamed vocals played off against singalong vocals, all against a backdrop of booming chords and drums. While Lore takes the opposite approach, diving head-first into an almighty smash of wild guitars and huge screamed vocals, then drops down into a chugging bassline under high-pitched vocals before giving way to more madness. Another light pause for breath follows, before being blown away by a huge throat-wrenching scream and a “Bleugh” scream – need to find a word for that – and a barrage of huge guitar chords and screamed/shouted vocals that end in a huge high note.

This album is absolutely awesome. Check out the video for lead single The Scent in the video below for a taste of the Shading goodness.

The Vanishing Of Our Lore is out now on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify, and you can follow Shading on Facebook and Instagram.

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