Introducing: AlphaWolves

Yet another example of the power of Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is our discovery of a rock band emerging from the holiest place on the planet – the Vatican City.

AlphaWolves formed out of the ashes of post-hardcore five-piece Hopes Die Last. After two albums and EPs and worldwide tours, the quartet of Daniele Tofani (vocals and guitar), Marco Mantovani (guitar), Yuri Santurri (bass) and Danilo Menna (drums and electronics) have reinvented themselves as an alternative-rock outfit.

As Daniele explains: “We felt internally that we deeply needed a change; we wanted to follow different music paths that we hadn’t explored yet, bringing with us all the knowledge and the experiences matured throughout these years.”

They’ve since gone about honing a new catchy alternative-rock style that retains the heavier edge of their former band, influenced by everything from alternative rock and electronic music through to indie and black metal. And they’ve done it all with a DIY approach.

As Daniele tells us: “All the things we’ve done until now are completely self-produced. From the prime idea to its actual achievement. Marco is also the producer of the band, while Yuri and I are filmmakers and so we are in charge of the visual part of the project, with video clips and the image in general. This is just to say that ALPHAWOLVES represents us at its very core and there’s all of ourselves stored inside this project.

“I think personal experiences and what happens around us are the most sensed influences in our music. Everything we compose is strictly personal and is the outburst of all the feelings (positive ones as well as negatives’) we keep inside ourselves. Concerning the recurrent themes of the album, we can definitely enlist alienation, space and nihilism.”

Our latest taste of this is End In Fire, which opens up with a huge intro of booming guitars and doomy synth sounds. A verse of vocals gradually increasing in intensity bursts into a smash of screamed vocals then an engaging chorus “Some say the world will end in fire, I say that everything’s already dead, No pleasure now and no desire, Just need a pill to fall asleep again.”

A second round of the screamed vocals sees the pace suddenly drop, with distant vocals and synth sounds, then gradually building up to a big instrumental section of searing guitars that continue into another blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video below:


As we’ve discussed plenty of times on the site previously, there’s a really strong rock and metal movement emerging across Italy – check out our Italian Bands section for more.

As Daniele tells us: “Yes, you are right, there are plenty of Italian bands in both the rock and the metal circuits who should deserve a wider visibility. Unfortunately, I think this is not one of the rosiest periods in my country for what concerns alternative music. At least, not so if compared to what was the situation like, say, ten years ago. Still, there is a scent in the air that of the wind of change might happen soon and I hope the new generations will work hard to revive music and bring rock culture to its heydays.”

AlphaWolves’ main aim is to publish their debut album Refuge by the end of the year, with further videos and new singles to come from it. They also love to experiment and are planning to revisit some of the album tracks by shooting an electro-acoustic set. And, they’ve already got a second album in mind, so keep your eyes peeled for plenty more soon.

You can join the AlphaWolves pack on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on iTunesSpotify and YouTube.

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