Introducing: Thrift

We’ve got something very different for you today in the form of Folkestone psychedelic indie quintet Thrift, who offer up an intriguing atmospheric swirl of psych rockiness.

Thrift first began with best pals Matt Bagshaw (guitar and vocals) and Tylor Boustead (vocals and bass) making music in the former’s bedroom based on their shared love of Pink Floyd, then the likes of Tame Impala, Maccabees, Kaytranada, Anderson Paak and Muse. They began writing together and eventually added more numbers, before finally settling on Devon Whiteman (synth), Richard Plested (guitar and vocals) and Lucca Silva (drums).

Thrift have honed a sound that’s laid-back but edgy, and a little different to the norm. 2017 debut EP Red Tinted Clouds took them into new psychedelic territories, then latest release 3/5ths demonstrates a band that’s leading the charge in breaking down preconceptions around what indie means.

As Matt explains: “We would describe ourselves as something quite unique to what people expect locally and potentially in the UK. There is an undeniable psych scene in Australia but the UK is still up and coming with bands such as ourselves and other local bands such as Tin Foil Astronaut and Dreamweaver to be reckoned with.

We strive undeniably to always look to better the last song we write, with Red Tinted Cloud offering some of our first songs ever written onto 3/5ths definitely showing how we aim to adapt our sound every record. We always retain what we would say is a ‘Thrift sound,’ but you will always get something different and unexpected with anything new we write.”

Latest EP 3/5ths was released in June and opens up with Tell Me, which was actually one of the first songs they ever wrote. As Matt tells us: “Tell Me was the first song we finished as Thrift whilst leaning towards a progressive route, but ultimately it is about a festival experience I had at Bestival in 2015 watching Tame Impala and other amazing acts. We waited for Tell Me to become more appropriate and in keeping with our current sound, which is why it appears as the opening track to 3/5ths and not on Red Tinted Clouds, however it has been in our live set from day 1.”

The track is a seven-minute long epic, beginning slowly before dropping into a chilled out, atmospheric instrumental section that feeds into trippy synthy sounds. More jaunty guitars eventually kick in, supporting cool vocals, then a laid-back chorus of “Tell me, Tell me how you feel, Don’t you go tripping out baby.” Fast-paced, almost spoken vocals take over, then a chorus gives way to a more upbeat outro. Check it out in the video below:

There are moments of rockier influences throughout the EP, including the excellent Same Same. It opens up with funky little guitar chords and driving drums that continue through a jaunty verse, then a chorus of “I’ve been restricted, Held up by the time, Chained down by time” followed by cool high-pitched vocals of “oo-oo.” Then the second verse opens up with the awesome vocals “You used to think you were some kind of hypno, Rocking round headbanging to techno, But I’m here to find out just what you’re into, That will be alright, Look I’ll do what I’m supposed to” that feeds straight into the catchy chorus. A cool laid-back instrumental follows, including a laid-back guitar solo, before launching into a final chorus.

The EP closes with Widows Bed, which develops from a laid-back intro of synths supporting Matt’s vocals into a big rocky ending. A cool section of vocals sung y Matt then echoed by other band members gives way to a big drumbeat and dreamy guitars, then a big high-pitched guitar lick kicks in over repeats of “I found you.” Stabbing guitar chords come in underneath a guitar solo to provide a fun ending to the EP.

Special mention also has to go to the final track of their debut EP, which is called Continuum Transfunctioner – a Dude, Where’s My Car reference that just gives us more respect for the band. It’s also an awesome track, with the funky “I am elusive and I’m feeling lucid” vocals imitated by a high-pitched guitar lick. Check it out in the video below:

The Thrift sound is different and refreshing, combining cool, trippy psychedelia with moments of upbeat rock that, as Matt tells us, is largely inspired by their favourite musicians. He said: “We are influenced to write and showcase our music out of pure love and respect for some of our favourite artists. We have grown up listening to our favourite influences and letting them take an effect on our lives which has influenced what we write from our very own experiences.”

The band has just signed a gigs contract with Roulette Media with the aim of arranging bigger shows and coordinating a tour into 2019. They’re also hard at work on an idea for a debut album next year.

You can follow Thrift on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check out their music on BandcampSpotify and YouTube.

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