EP Review: As Everything Unfolds – Closure

We’re beginning to run out of superlatives for High Wycombe sextet As Everything Unfolds, who impress once again with their second EP Closure, which is out on Friday (19 October).

Our New Band of the Week exactly one year ago, the band have been making waves on the UK metal scene and Closure offers another reminder as to why – with the incredible vocals of Charlie Rolfe played off against a mighty backdrop of crushing guitars and synths.

On the new EP, Charlie tells us: “I think Closure is definitely a more mature and cohesive sound than Collide (debut EP), with a lot of the tracks flowing and gelling together better. Expect a rollercoaster, expect more than one vibe or feeling, expect to be lifted up and then slammed right back down.”

The EP opens up with the huge 17:10, which opens up with a delicious synth intro that contines over a smash of heavy guitar chords. Stabbing, low-tuned guitars come in as Charlie’s vocals take over, then a big, high-pitched cry of “Cannot be too careful now, Only so much sorrow I can allow” gives way to huge screams of “In the darkness I will arise, As the light leaves my eyes.”

That gives way to a big singalong chorus of “I will hold my head up in your demise, Despite the fact that all is yours, And yours is mine” over the huge synth and guitars. The second chorus is followed by huge throat busting screams of “Yours is mine” that bring the track to an end. It’s a colossal, massively catchy and ridiculously good opening to the EP. Check it out in the video below:

Next up, most recent single Despondency opens up with a hit of drumsticks then an almost gothic, really cool sounding smash of guitar chords in-sync with pounding drums. Charlie’s engaging vocals come in over a funky looping riff, then increase in intensity as the big guitars kick back in. A brief pause gives way to a huge chorus of “You’re pushing us further, don’t you know, Grinding us down ‘til we’re nothing but low, Don’t say you want this, don’t you dare.”

The big fast-paced riffs take over and lead into a section of high-pitched vocals over stabbing guitars. Then another chorus drops into a lengthy laid-back section of chilled synths, that are soon joined by Charlie’s high-pitched vocals “I’m not here to save the world, I’m trying to brave all my own desires, Take this pain and save yourself.” Building synths and guitars enter, then a huge scream of “I won’t conform” gives way to heavy guitars to bring the track to a close.

On the track, Charlie tells us: “Imagine wanting something so very badly, and the intense pain and anger felt towards a person whose actions block your path, leaving you feeling helpless and trapped. These people might one day gain your forgiveness, but you’ll never forget what they did… or let them bring you down again.

“As much as I wrote this song as a testament of my own feelings, I hope people to relate to it as well. When people listen to this song, I want them to know that they’re not alone, no matter how different their situation may be from the next person.”

Next is Divided, featuring TheCityIsOurs frontman Sam Stolliday – who AEU are touring with from Sunday (21 October). It opens with light flickering guitar under Charlie’s vocals “Under my skin I’m drowning a word, Taste my thunder and hear my call, I’m itching burning and raging me, It’s still not enough for you to please, At least I know where I stand.” Huge guitars and drums kick in under more huge vocals, then a low repeating guitar note teases us into a more powerful second verse. Sam’s screamed vocals come in over light synth sounds, then explodes into another chorus.

You Will Be opens up with a building synth sound, a brief pause then a wall of guitars and driving drums over the synth. A cool little lick kicks in then Charlie’s vocals kick in over chugging chords and the lick, feeding into a huge chorus of “You will be the everlasting, You will be all I wanted.” The pace suddenly drops, with low guitars under Charlie’s distant high-pitched vocals, then gradually builds up to another smash of guitars, drums and synth.

The EP closes with the brilliant Centuries, a single released last year, which opens up with lingering synthy under building guitars, soon joined by crushing drums. Charlie’s vocals enter with lingering guitars and keys, then explode into life in a savage smash of screams then a cry of “Praying to one we cannot see” leads into a singalong chorus of “Broken words in empty passage, He’s not coming here, Reckless in his image I declare (We repair),” supported by driving drums and almost haunting, atmospheric guitars.

There’s a quick pause for breath with clean repeated guitar riffs supporting laid-back vocals. Building guitar chords and high-pitched vocals then build the atmosphere up to a huge blood-curdling scream of “In all your despair” alongside huge low-tuned guitars and menacing synth sounds to bring the song, and the EP, to a fittingly huge ending.

Closure sees Jamie Gowers join the AEU crew on drums, on whom Charlie says: “We’re definitely sad to see Liam go, but Jamie brings fresh energy and new ears to the band, which helps out in a plethora of ways. He’s very hungry to make a name for himself and help push the band to new heights, we’re all really excited to see what the future holds!”

As mentioned, the band are out on tour with TheCityIsOurs beginning on Sunday, and we wholly recommend you go and see their impressive live show. As Charlie explains: “You should expect a lot of energy from us. We make it our goal to play the same to 4 people as we do to 400 people, with each show being a more refined and polished version than the last.

“If you wanna get rowdy in the pit, then we got you covered. If you wanna sing along and lose yourself in the moment, we got you covered. Heck even if you just want to sit back and enjoy the show, we guarantee you won’t leave disappointed. We also have a surprise lined up for this tour only, if you want to know what it is then there’s only one way to find out!”

The tour kicks off in Bridgend on Sunday, taking in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield on consecutive evenings, then closes on 3 November at Thousand Island in London. They also have an EP launch show in High Wycombe in among all that next Friday (26 October). Busy times, go see them live and more info on their gigs is here.

And, as Charlie says: “We’d like people to know that they’re not alone. We’re all just normal people, living our lives and putting our pain and hardships into our songs. If you’re going through some tough times, or you just need to get away from life for a few hours then you’re always welcome at our shows. Come down, have a drink with us, party with us and leave all your troubles at the door because whilst you’re at our show, the only thing that matters is that we all leave feeling better than we did when we came in.”

Closure is out on Friday (19 October). You can follow As Everything Unfolds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, bag their merch here, and check out their music on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.

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