Introducing: Superfecta

London’s Superfecta are a hard rock band that pride themselves on doing things a little differently. They’ve honed an infectious sound that fleets between dirty grunge and hard-hitting metal, all fused with a bone-crunching groove and epically snarling, engaging vocals.

The quartet of Danun Todd (guitars), Rob Negrini (vocals), Matt Vella (drums) and Carl “Costa” Highman (bass) summarise that sound to us as: “A concoction of classic rock, infused with a dash of grunge, all mixed with a spicy shot of modern, alternative metal music!”

The original Superfecta lineup came together back in 2012 and, in true rock’n’roll style, members have come and gone and suffered all sorts of issues, from fist fights and booze problems through to illness and depression. But it seems things are definitely now on a positive level.

As Dan tells us: “The band is at a good point now both musically and professionally. I personally left the whole playing in a band thing a decade ago to focus on sound engineering, running a studio and then working in football, but I found myself going back to what I loved, the forming of and playing in a band. Ask any muso, it’s like a drug. Once you delve into the music world it’s hard to let it go, or should I say, it won’t let you go!”

A strong sign of that unity is the recent release of latest album Disconnect, on which Dan tells us: “People have been glowing about the album and we’ve had so many messages and emails from fans saying how much they love it, which is great. The task is now to get it out to the wider rock audience! For newcomers, they’ll be hit with an album full of melody, groove, riffs and foot-stomping tunes!”

And that much is evident from the off, with opening track Leviathan. A big driving riff kicks things off before Rob’s impressive high-pitched vocals join in. A brief pause sees building guitar chords over background noise then launching into chugging chords lead into a final blast of vocals.

That’s followed by the album’s awesome lead single Mannequin, which opens up with fast-paced guitar chords then vocals that gradually increase in intensity towards a powerful chorus. A second chorus gives way to series of delicous wah-wah infused solos over the pounding guitar chords, then drops into a final chorus. Check it out in the video below:

The hard-hitting riffs just keep on coming, with the bone-shaking opening riff to Insomnia giving way to a huge smash of Chris Cornell-esque vocals from Rob. While the band display their ability to mix things up on the epic seven-minute-long Break The Frame, which starts slowly and gradually builds up to a sombre smash of dark metal.

The driving riffs return on the breakneck fast Blacked Out, which ends on some tasty diving riffs, then a more classic rock sound comes across on penultimate track A Little Secret.

The album closes out in fine fashion with the epic Two Thirds. A darting riff kicks it off, then sinister drawn-out vocals come in over the top, then bursts of guitar chords suddenly drop into light guitar licks under unexpectedly melodic, high-pitched vocals. The intensity builds and the vocals become more powerful, then again drops back into the mellow reprieve. That’s blown away by a pounding riff and drums with piercing guitar in the background, then dropping into a lone bassline that’s joined by the fast-paced riff and continues into a powerful smash-up.

This is a really excellent and diverse album, showcasing an exhilarating sound that’s influenced by rock greats like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Nirvana and many more.

On what inspires them to write, Dan explains: “As the guitar player I just focus on trying to write great music and progressions, depending on my mood, before handing over to the rhythm section to lay down their parts. Once the music is kinda locked down, then we’ll discuss themes and topics of the songs.

“Unless someone says otherwise, we let Rob go with the stories behind the songs. As Rob is currently writing a novel about modern society, a lot of the songs were about technology, family breakdowns, relationships, internet abuse and so forth. We’re not a political band but we’re definitely socially aware. The world is on a slippery slope! Hence the title of the new album being Disconnect. Then, once everything is ready, we’ll work together on fine-tuning vocal melodies and parts.”

The band are playing a launch party for new music platform Aurovine, which is powered by the Blockchain and uses audio coins as currency, then The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden on 14 December. More info on those is here. But they have a big 2019 in store, with a small UK tour in late February then dates in Austria and potentially Belgium due to be announced shortly, ahead of some festivals both at home and abroad. As Dan says: “You’ll be hearing a lot more about us over the next year, so get used to it!”

You can follow Superfecta on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on SpotifyYouTube and on their website.

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