Introducing: Just About Done

Australian quintet Just About Done have honed a fascinating sound that crosses angsty punk with punchy, storytelling lyrics and rhythms and the occasional moment of calm melody.

The Melbourne band initially started out in high school, went through several changes before finalising the current lineup of Samantha McGee (vocals), Jack Farnfield and Daniel Sunday (guitars) – the latter we think is a very recent addition, Joe Considine (bass) and Michael March (drums). As Samantha tells us: “No matter who joins, the one condition is that we are close friends, which is why we love it so much. We’re all very close and enjoy hanging out and playing music!”

On what to expect from the Just About Done sound, Samantha explains: “A bit of a mix. Strong rock instrumentals, with elements of punk in there somewhere. Female vocals on top. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes sad.”

And the latest offering of this will be their second EP I Am Getting By, which is out tomorrow (19 October). Samantha says: “Our second EP is completely different from our first. We had different members in our band so of course, different songwriting. But more than that, the meaning behind our EP as a whole is far more in depth. This EP follows a story and expresses experiences and emotions from multiple members of the band. We are so proud of this, and hope that others can connect with it on a different level to our previous releases.”

We had a listen to most recent single 1029 to get a taster of what’s to come. It opens up with big drum rolls, guitars soon enter with big rolling chords and a darting riff that continue into a lively opening verse. Samantha’s vocals are really engaging, jumping through a fast-paced verse then a jaunty chorus of similarly rapid vocals “Alone in my room overthinking something I’ve never thought, It’s a waste of time and I know it, It won’t change a thing but just slow it down for you, Have I wasted my time?”

The pace drops down, with chugging chords that gradually build it up again, before launching into another catchy chorus. A cool slower section of drawn-out vocals “I can’t see what the point is now unless this whole thing turns around” over awesome drums and high-pitched guitars, then a brief pause drops into a final chorus. It promises plenty for the EP launch on Friday, and you can check it out in the video below:

The EP is complemented by a series of videos, building on a storyline around a medical cross extending into an inverted cross. Samantha explains far more eloquently: “For each track on I Am Getting By, there is a video. The video portrays a character lashing out at friends, to what seems to be completely irrational. Peacemaker, which is track three, has a video which reveals the story behind it all. For the inverted cross on the nurse’s hat (shown in our cover art) to have meaning, it is important to listen to the lyrics in the song, and consider how that relates to the video content. That’s about all we can say at the moment!”

We’ve met a few Australian bands over the last couple of years – check our Aussie Rocks section for more – but this is our first Aussie punk band. On the local scene, Samantha tells us: “It’s not bad! We have a pretty strong local scene in Melbourne and Sydney which is great. We often see the same faces at shows of all different bands. It’s like a little community.”

I Am Getting By is out tomorrow (19 October). You can follow Just About Done on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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