New Music Friday Round-Up: 19 October

We’ve got a lovely mix of excellent new music for you this morning. Leading with an awesome new EP from one of our favourite metal bands, to new tracks from two of the UK’s finest up-and-coming hard rock bands, an almighty hardcore awakening from Australia, some German metal, a new Swedish dark rock sensation and a really exciting new Vietnamese metalcore band.

Turn it up loud, and read on…

As Everything Unfolds – Closure (EP)

The High Wycombe metal act release their second EP today, and it’s a banger. It opens up with their latest two singles, features guest vocals from TheCityIsOurs frontman Sam Stolliday, and closes with last year’s fantastic single Centuries. Check out what we made of it in our EP review, and check out the video for latest single Despondency below.

Closure is out now on BandcampSpotify and iTunes. You can follow As Everything Unfolds on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and bag their merch here.

AT THE SUN – Soak It Up (Single)

A huge new track from the London rockers, which is the first single to come from their upcoming debut album. Soak It Up opens up with a darting guitar riff, launches into a quick solo then drops into an energetic opening verse. A big singalong chorus follows ‘Cos we’re two people who have lost control, When we didn’t have the right to roll, Don’t let the silence get to you, ‘Cos I never want to go and give it away.” A second chorus is followed by the pace dropping down, then flies into a huge guitar solo, which feeds into a final chorus. This gives us plenty to be excited about for the debut album, and you can give it a listen in the stream below.

Soak It Up is out now on Spotify and iTunes , and you can follow At The Sun on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.

Hollowstar – Let You Down (Single)

And sticking with awesome new hard rock brings us nicely on to Cambridge’s Hollowstar. It opens up with a delicious driving riff and pounding drums that continue through a lively opening verse with croony vocals answered by bursts of guitar. Then stabbing guitar chords lead into a chorus of funky vocal delivery of “I don’t wanna let you down.” A second chorus gives way to cool little bursts of guitar answered by big descending chords, then flies into a big solo. Delicious stuff.

Let You Down is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, and you can follow Hollowstar on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Gloom in the Corner – Villain (Single)

Possibly the greatest band name in the world, and the Melbourne hardcore act’s music reflects the name in abundance. Villain begins with an almighty smash of terrifyingly heavy guitars and huge screamed vocals that rarely relent throughout this brutal track. There’s all manner of inhumane screamed utterances from frontman Mikey Arthur, before dropping into an almost eerie chorus of clean vocals over searing guitars and pounding drums. Check it out in the video below. A second verse launches into a section of huge low-tuned guitars under freakish bursts of high notes, then feeds into another chorus and a final ordeal of huge screamed vocals. We are loving this track, and it’s the perfect tonic to get you through your Friday, check it out in the video below.

Villain is out now on Spotify, and you can follow The Gloom in the Corner on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Septagon – Weight of the World (Single)

We haven’t featured too many German bands, but here we have one that’s out to challenge your preconceptions of technical metal. Septagon have honed a brand of catchy yet complex thrash and power metal filled with compelling melodies and engaging vocals.

Weight of the World is the second single from upcoming second album Apocalyptic Rhymes, and launches into a singalong verse powered forwards by stabbing guitars and driving drums. An awesome chorus opens up with cries of “Save me” then big vocals “The weight of the world is crushing my bones, Surrounded by millions and yet all alone, Save me, Save me, Is there nobody out there to easy my pain, I’m losing my will to live.” Then a cheeky bassline gives way to more chugging guitars that launch into a second verse. A big thrashy breakdown follows the second chorus brewing up to a huge flying solo. Check it out in the video below.

The new album is out on 9 November and available for pre-order here. In the meantime, you can check out their debut album on Spotify and Bandcamp, and follow Septagon on Facebook and Instagram.

The Heard – A Death Supreme (Single)

As dark and morose as the song title suggests, this is a real piece of gothic artistry from Swedish newcomers The Heard. Delicious searing, brooding vocals from frontwoman Pepper Potemkin explode into life in a powerful chorus supported by booming guitar chords. Heavier guitars kick in and feed into a meandering guitar solo, which drops into a spooky melodic section then a huge drum roll leads into a final blast of huge vocals. We’re really excited about this emerging band, and should be hearing from them shortly. Check out A Death Supreme in the stream below.

A Death Supreme is out now on Spotify, and you can follow The Heard on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Windrunner – Orchid (Single)

And something pretty special to sign off for this week, with some awesome progressive metalcore from Vietnam. Orchid opens up with cool techy guitar blitzes answered by low-tuned chords, which are soon joined by screamed vocals from incredible frontwoman Duong Bui. It soon launches into an almighty smash of huge drums and wild guitars under Duong’s huge screams. But the big heavy sections are answered by delicious ambient melodies, with clean vocals ploughing away over all manner of techy guitars and huge drums, which later continue into a big guitar solo. We love the sound of Windrunner, and we’ll have much more coming from them next week, don’t miss it. Give it a listen in the stream below.

Orchid is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Windrunner on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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