Cuecliché talk new EP and free London pop-punk show

London punk rockers Cuecliché are eagerly awaiting a second EP that’s been a long time coming, with a new drummer in tow and an exciting free London pop-punk show on the way.

We first met the trio when they played alongside Jack The Envious and More Than Machines last June, then introduced you to Terry Rytz (vocals and bass) and Jake Leigh (guitar and vocals) later that month.

They’ve since added a new drummer, Bobby Koda, got the new EP ready to go in January, and Terry is hosting a free to attend punk show at The Unicorn in Camden on 15 November, which will also feature our pals in Our Lives In Cinema and A Few Too Many.

To catch up on all of this we had a chat with frontman Terry and, starting with the EP being out in a couple of months, he told us: “Yeah, at last! People should probably expect a natural growth? Musically, lyrically and on a production level I think this EP is a huge maturing of the band. I think it definitely builds on our earlier stuff, people who have heard it so far have said a lot of the same things they said about our first EP but just that it’s better and more distinct. There’s still a great mix of our influences with a strong hit of originality, big guitars and strong dual vocals.”

For a taster of what’s to come on the EP, check out the awesome lead single Save Me in the video below:

On the one-year wait, Terry added: “We’d set a really ambitious plan of having two EPs out in 2017. So we got the drums done in September 2017 with a view of releasing the EP in December, then we decided to put it back to January so we could start a new year with new music. But by December, when we released the single Save Me, we decided the other tracks on the EP weren’t really up to the same level.

“So we redid Take it Away, which is a song that was originally meant to be on our first EP but due to a technical malfunction on the day of recording it got pulled. It’s a song we love playing live and really shows off Jake’s ability on guitar, and we added three new songs that we now feel are at the same level as Save Me but offer something different every time. Yeah, this finished record we’re extremely happy with and excited about.”

As mentioned, the wait for the new EP has coincided with Bobby arriving on drums, who took over after former drummer Keith had finished up on the upcoming EP. Terry told us: “He left us a few months after finishing them up, when we were already deep in production and he definitely left us with a brilliant set of drum tracks on this EP. With Bobby live, everything is a bit faster. We’ve mixed a few things up with him in songs, it’s a real shock to the system for me and Jake as after two years we’re adapting to a few differences, which has been a lot of fun. He’s also a huge audiophile like Jake so the two of them can talk production techniques for hours… it’s… so… much… fun…”

Terry’s also hosting a Cuecliché-led punk party Pretty In Pop Punk on Thursday 15 November, at The Unicorn in Camden. It’s a great line-up, with Cuecliché joined by fellow London punks Our Lives In Cinema, Essex easycore punks State of Millenia, and pop-punks Saving Sebastian. You can sign up for the gig here.

On what to expect, Terry told us: “I approached a lot of London venues about the possibility of hosting our EP launch and sadly the Unicorn got back to me just after I’d confirmed another venue, but I’ve long admired the Unicorn’s model of putting on free shows and paying bands based on a bar profit split.

“So when they replied instead of ending it there I asked if there was a date I could take to put on a Pop Punk show and they were really keen. It’s a genre that’s really struggling for stand-alone shows. You’ve got Paul Smith doing great things for Punk and Ska at New Cross Inn and Justin of Trauma PR has done amazing things with Pop Punk in London but in a city this size beyond those two there isn’t much.

“We often find ourselves being lumped into mixed bag shows dominated by indie bands and it’s clear the people there for those shows really aren’t that into our Pop Punk sound. So as a band to grow a fan base we need more Pop Punk specific nights. So I asked the question of the Unicorn and they were on board. I’ve never done anything like this before myself and they’ve been a huge help in guiding me to get it together.

“It’s also given me a chance to put on a bill of bands that I’m excited to play with. Our Lives in Cinema are just killing it on the London scene at the minute, we’ve played a couple of shows with them before and Mark and me talk music a lot. He’s been really supportive in the run-up too as he’s got a bit of experience doing this kind of thing so has been a crutch to me.

“State of Millenia, I put a call out on a few Facebook groups asking for London Pop Punk bands who wanted to be part of a new show and their was a lot of interest from some incredible bands. Of all the bands that commented State of Millenia were the ones who I came away as a fan of, and have listened to them regularly since, so it was a no-brainer adding them.

“While Saving Sebastian are pretty much Cuecliche’s best friends in band form. We’ve toured with them and played a handful of other shows. We just get on so well so it’s a huge bonus to have them on board.”

This should be a great show, so sign up now to support all these exciting up-and-coming pop-punk bands. And there’s plenty going on in the Cuecliché world, and we love their debut EP so we’re really excited to hear their new music.

You can follow Cuecliché on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and check out their music on YouTubeSpotify and iTunes.

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