New Music Friday Round-Up: 2 November

Another week of exciting new music for you. This time around, we’ve got some really heavy stuff from some several awesome new British metal bands, some even heavier stuff from Paris, alongside new Watford indie-rockers and punk rock from New York, Manchester and Liverpool. And a special treat to finish this week’s new music feast off.

Read on and give these bands a listen…

Passive – Anti Romantic (Single)

We’ll ease you in slowly with Watford indie-rockers Passive’s second single Anti Romantic. It opens up with light guitars that continue through a laid-back opening verse, then a little guitar lick drops into a chorus with organ notes and building drums in the background, then a cool guitar solo drops back into another chilled verse. It’s properly funky.

Give the track a listen in the stream below. And, we had a chat with the band this week, so keep an eye out for more from the guys in Passive shortly.

Anti Romantic is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Passive on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dino Skatepark – Boogeyman (Single)

Nice and timely for Halloween the trumpety punks released Boogeyman on Wednesday. it opens up with wild vocals over flying guitar bursts, then a cheeky little bass filler is joined by pompous trumpets as winding vocals kick in. A big smash of guitars and trumpets drop out with a cry of “Oh I’m a freak, A demon in sheep’s clothing, Oh so cheap, I’m so fine dressed to the nines, Everything that goes puff in the night” dropping into random blasts of guitar and trumpet. A really cool section of building trumpet loops gives way to a fast-paced guitar solo leads into a final chorus. Check it out below.

Boogeyman is out now on Spotify and iTunes, buy their music on Bandcamp and follow Dino Skatepark on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

FRCTRD – Tyrant (Single)

The intense sound of Parisian deathcore outfit FRCTRD is sure to liven up your Friday. And they prove just that in latest track Tyrant, which is frankly a vicious five-minute metal assault.

Don’t let the mellow opening fool you, this is seriously heavy stuff. A big cry from frontman Vincent Hanulak gives way to a huge noise of booming low-tuned guitars with blitzes of techy guitar sounds flying in under savage vocals. Everything drops out bar a distant riff, only to be blown away by throat-destroying growls, then some “oo-ah” vocals give way to an avalanche of brutal techy guitar. More melodic instrumentals and some searing high-pitched guitars kick in under slightly less intense, but still screamed, vocals, before a moment of calm is interrupted by stabbing guitars and more awesome techy instrumentals. Check it out in the stream below.

Tyrant is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow FRCTRD on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

InVisions – Good For Nothing (Single)

Keeping with the heavy stuff, the York quartet – our New Band of the Week last June – release another banger. Booming low-tuned guitars rumble their way throughout, while big screamed vocals are counteracted by a cleaner, melodic chorus. While a huge cry of “Don’t put your faith in me” gives way to a section of savage screams, which then drops into a calm pause for breath before launching into a chorus supported by stabbing string instrumentals over pounding guitars and drums. Give the flashy video a watch below.

Good For Nothing is out now on Spotify and iTunes. You can follow InVisions on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

Ithaca – The Language of Injury (Single)

And if awesome new metalcore is on your wishlist then look no further than London’s Ithaca. The Language of Injury launches straight into a blitz of wild high-pitched guitars then booming low-tuned chords support the huge screamed vocals of frontwoman Djamila Azzouz. The band recently announced their debut album will be out in February and we’re hoping to hear more from them very soon. Check out the first track from that album in the video below.

The Language of Injury is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp, and you can follow Ithaca on Facebook.

TheCityIsOurs – Casket (Single)

We’re just gonna keep the heavy stuff coming, with an absolute belter of a tune from TheCityIsOurs. The London metalcore act, who are currently on tour with As Everything Unfolds, open up this new track with big stabbing guitar chords alongside more subtle high-pitched guitars, then drop into big screamed vocals from frontman Sam Stolliday. The instruments drop out, fast-paced screamed vocals lead into a cry of “End up in a casket” and the intro guitars return, feeding into a more melodic chorus featuring the vocals “Don’t give me the chance to bury you now.” And keep your ear out for a delicious low-tuned riff that bridges into the next onslaught of screamed vocals.

Casket is out now on Spotify, and you can follow TheCityIsOurs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

TIRADE – To Be Honest (Single)

The Manchester punk rockers, our New Band of the Week exactly two years ago in November 2016, return in fine style with this lively new track. It opens up with bouncy riffs supported by a bit of cheeky slap bass, then frontman Jake Tilley’s vocals match the energy of those riffs. The chorus will have you jigging about at your desk, with big singalong vocals supported by fast-paced driving riffs. Check it out in the video below.

To Be Honest is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Tirade on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Salt The Snail – Lazer Quest (Single)

Some fun and frantic punk rock from the Liverpool trio, and who doesn’t love laser quest? Fuzzy riffs open up and continue through an opening verse, then a chorus of “hit me with your lasers.” A wild second chorus of mental screeches feeds into another catchy chorus, then a meandering bass and guitar reverb give way to another smash of “hit me with your lasers.” Check it out in the equally silly video below.

Lazer Quest is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Salt The Snail on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Slipknot – All Out Life (Single)

Oh… and while we’re on the topic of heavy music. Heard Slipknot’s first new music in four years? Not something we’d normally do, but we think All Out Life is awesome. Check it below.

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