Introducing: Voices From The Fuselage

Northamptonshire rockers Voices From The Fuselage have honed a fascinating sound that blurs the boundaries of tech metal, progressive rock and post-rock in a delicious manner – leading some to laud them as Britain’s answer to Coheed & Cambria. It’s high praise indeed, and one that frontman Ashe O’Hara admits he doesn’t quite see but will take nonetheless. “(It) is incredibly flattering!” he tells us. “I love them, but I’ve never heard that similarity. Perhaps I never realised how nasal my own voice was! But still, it’s a great compliment!”

The band first began back in college nearly nine years ago and plenty has changed in that time, from members and genre through to the way the current quartet – completed by Mitch Ramsay and Josh Galloway (guitars) and Scott Lockhart (drums) – write music together.

As Ashe, the former TesseracT member, explains: “We’ve all been huge music heads since we were young and after this many years of working together, we are like a fraternity of sorts. We all encourage each other to push ourselves, as we all have a tendency to be our harshest critics!

“I’ve always found my personal reasons for pursuing music stem back to my childhood. The most prominent influence for me as a songwriter since I was about 6 years old has and always will be Alanis Morissette. The way she uses words is otherworldly, and combine that with the inspiration of my family life issues, I needed an outlet. I spent 10 years of my childhood in foster care, with me moving from home to home, music was my constant.”

They released debut album Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds back in 2016, which was equally as epic as its grandiose title suggests. But our first tasters of its follow-up Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams suggests things are about to be taken to a whole new level upon its release on Friday (9 November).

Latest track Vestibule of Hell, released on Monday, simply has to be good with that song title. And, it is. A diving guitar riff kicks things off alongside pounding drums, with synth sounds providing an eerie backdrop that continues through an opening verse of Ashe’s impressive, engaging vocals. It intensifies with a cry of “But I know” that brings in booming guitars under the big synth sound and Ashe’s vocals “Just how it feels to be pushed aside, Just how many demons to reside,” then huge pounding drums lead a big metal smash-up.

The synth sound lingers, offering a pause for breath, then Ashe’s laid-back vocals return, hitting high notes before blasting into another heavy chorus, then another smash of big guitars brings us to an end. Check out this awesome track in the funky video – the band’s first ever – below.

Previous single Nine Levels opens up with a flickering synth sound then guitars and “oh-woh-oh-woh” vocals over pounding drums, before dropping into a laid-back opening verse. The pace picks up as huge driving drums kick in, then drops into another chilled verse with a funky little bassline under winding vocals.

A big cry of “Let this be a mistake” sees piercing guitars come in over huge low-tuned guitars, then more pounding drums drive us into an engaging, busy chorus. I can’t emphasise how good, and just how catchy this track is – except for the fact that I’ve been walking around the office singing the chorus vocals “It’s all for you, it’s all for you” all afternoon.

On the album, Ashe tells us: “Expect an elaboration on the sounds of Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds, but also a slight detour. As we continue to write together, we find more and more inspiration in so many different ways. One specific inspiration at the moment is the infusion of electro style sounds into our current sound. We’ve definitely actively incorporated some new styles into this album and we’re very excited to see what the listeners think!”

Voices From The Fuselage excel in creating seriously heavy music that’s laced with melancholy and atmosphere, borne out of their core musical influences Karnivool, Anathema, Dead Letter Circus and Thrice – and, much to my delight, Anberlin – as well as the more random likes of the aforementioned Alanis Morisette, Celine Dion, Queen and Anastasia. But there’s also a ‘spacey’ sound to their music that’s only enhanced by their increased focus on adding synth.

As Ashe explains: “We seem to be residing in this realm between prog and pop. I would say that I am often compared to angels – which sounds next level arrogancia – but I’m guessing it’s that very spacey sound that I love on my voice. Just drench me in a big plate reverb with an eternal decay and I’m happy! As for the instrumentation, I like to refer to us as post-metal – kind of like a prog/post crossover. We also love our cinematic sounds! Grand spectacles of choruses and epic melodic moments.”

And if that doesn’t have you hooked, then I don’t know what will. but maybe Ashe’s description of his own musical influences might help further: “As I’ve mentioned before, I seem to have an existential crisis on my hands,” he tells us. “Many of my influences stem from what I am, why I’m here, why any of us are here. But I also love a really emotional song focusing on a more smaller issue.

“Some of the songs on Founder of Dreams were inspired by past loves. Via is about my most recent ex, who was incapable of returning the love I gave and was unable to be true to himself. Sadly, he didn’t deal with that in a very healthy way and it destroyed us. Most of my music is hopeful and illuminating, but at the heart of it, sadness exists. Enjoy!”

Voices From The Fuselage will be touring in the next few months, which we expect to be announced shortly. They’ll also have some ‘new and exciting merch ideas’ coming soon so stay tuned to their website on that.

You can follow Voices From The Fuselage on Facebook, Instagram and TwitterOdyssey: The Founder of Dreams is released on Friday (9 November) and is available for pre-order here, and you can check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and all other digital platforms.

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