New Music Friday Round-Up: 16 November

Happy Friday one and all, and make sure yours is a good one with another fix of awesome new music. This week we have a brand new single from one of our favourite British rock bands, a couple of new tracks from British metal bands, new Norwegian hardcore punk and Swedish metal, and a new album from a British band taking a new DIY approach.

Turn it up loud, and enjoy…

In My Disguise – Find A Way Out (Single)

The Ipswich rockers, our New Band of the Week last April, are back with a superb new single. Beginning with a lone repeating riff, then delicious vocals from Ollie Smith are supported by a rumbling riff and gradually building high-pitched guitars. It suddenly explodes into a big singalong chorus of repeats of “Gotta find a way out” over big guitar chords. The second chorus drops into more edgy guitars under more awesome vocals from Ollie, then low darting guitar riff is soon joined by a cool little bass blast and a big rock out that takes the song to a heavy ending. This is a seriously good way to kick off your Friday, check it out in the stream below.

Find A Way Out is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow In My Disguise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

99% COBRA – Portable Chocolate Pouch (Single)

Expect intense vocals, wild riffs and disgusting breakdowns aplenty from the exciting Hull newcomers. The band’s third single follows the trend of awesome song titles from a band that’s not afraid to have a bit of a laugh while creating awesomely catchy metal. And, on the new track, they tell us to expect: “Big riffs, angry lyrics and the funniest video you’ve ever seen.” Check out the video below, and we had a chat with the band last week, so expect to hear more from these guys very shortly.

Portable Chocolate Pouch is out now on Spotify, and you can follow 99% COBRA on Facebook and Instagram.

Breathe In The Silence – Perpetual Motion (Single)

The first new music for a couple of years from the Welsh rockers, and it’s been well worth the wait. Opening up with a little chuggy riff that smashes into life with big pounding drums, it drops into a lively verse powered by driving drums. Big drawn-out, atmospheric guitars kick in under frontman Adamross Williams’ delicious vocals, then the big booming riff returns. Check it out in the video below.

Perpetual Motion is out now on Spotify and YouTube, and you can follow Breathe In The Silence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I Can’t Sleep – Elasea (Single)

We first saw the Reading band playing live with Defences and As Everything Unfolds – which is pretty decent company to keep – last year, and we’re delighted to see them releasing new music. However, I Can’t Sleep is the first track released since they brought in new frontman Martyn Powers, who joined a successful run of shows earlier this year. It begins with a big guitar lick over haunting synth sounds, and drops into a dreamy verse that bursts into a big singalong chorus. Check it out in the video below.

On the new song, the band say: “It feels like it’s been a longtime coming following our EP release last year and it’s definitely the direction we’ve always wanted our music to follow. A lot of time has been spent perfecting this song as much as we can, recording it and producing it the way we imagined with Sam Winfield and also shooting the video with Dave Parker, who’s vision was exactly what we saw in the writing process.”

I Can’t Sleep is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Elasea on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lüdo – Embrace The Tide (Single)

We introduced you to the new Norwegian hardcore punks last month and now they’re back with their second single. It opens up with a huge scream of “Can you hear me through the noise” over a darting guitar riff, then drops into a big singalong verse with bursts of screamed vocals and a cool high-pitched guitar lick. Big low-tuned guitar chords and doomy drums kick in before diving into another lively chorus. That drops into low bass rumbles, then light guitar under relaxed vocals, before bursting into big guitar chords and driving drums that build towards a heavy ending. It’s an impressive second taste of the Lüdo sound.

Embrace The Tide is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Lüdo on Facebook and Instagram.

Knogjärn – Lita Aldrig På Mig (Single)

Sticking with Scandinavia leads us nicely to the fantastic new single from our favourite Swedish band Knogjärn. The band, who we introduced you to last October, today released Lita Aldrig På Mig (translates to Never Trust Me), which starts off with frontman Kim’s light vocals over a spinning low riff, but soon explodes into a big cry of “Lita aldrig på mig” that gives way to a smash of heavy riffs and delicious more intense vocals.

Lita Aldrig På Mig is out now on Spotify, and you can follow Knogjärn on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

The Virginmarys – Northern Sun Sessions (Album)

Northern Sun Sessions marks the beginning of a new chapter for Macclesfield band The Virginmarys as their third album sees take a self-produced approach, having previously worked with acclaimed producers Toby Jepson for debut album King of Conflict and Gil Norton for 2016’s Divides. This time they’ve gone direct with energetic, never overbearing, grassroots marketing.

Featuring 11 deliciously rocky compositions, the new album is packed with edgy rocky goodness. To celebrate the release, Ally and Danny recently premiered a music video for lead single, the powerful, anthemic and socially conscious track Look Out For My Brother.

Ally Dickaty (vocals and guitar) said: “We wanted the video for the lead single to capture the intensity and relentlessness of the live performance whilst encompassing the dark nature and power that runs through the music.” While Danny Dolan (drums and percussion) said: “Paul Wright has done an amazing job of making a really cool visual whilst at the same time keeping the shots exciting and unnerving.”

Northern Sun Sessions is out now on Spotify, and you can follow The Virginmarys on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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