Introducing: Wildheart

Melodic, meaningful and, well, heavy.  Wildheart are a metalcore outfit based in Brisbane, Australia, smashing it right out of the park with über-power.

We caught up with the quintet of vocalist Axel Best, guitarists Adam Finlay and Jaya Shinn, bassist Kerry Rowe and drummer Andrew Cooke to get to the bottom of where all that power comes from.

In the social media age, we are “constantly comparing ourselves to others and can be made to feel like we aren’t achieving enough.” We’re talking about how an independent band like Wildheart tread the line between showcasing themselves to spark a career and looking after themselves mentally.

“Financial issues are always a problem, but I feel like anyone really pushing a creative passion will have to deal with that. I think the impact it can have on a person’s mental state is definitely more harmful.” Solitude, from Wildheart’s latest EP, We Are, draws on Adam’s experiences of this, and you can check the track out in the video below.

Wildheart aren’t newcomers to balancing home, work and a career in music. Each of the band had been in groups previously, and the band invested the first eight months of their existence creating and honing their debut EP, A Thousand Days. “We all came from other bands that had broken up or faded out, [and we were] the members who were still keen to create music,” explains Adam.

Inspiration comes from all around, it seems, even if Adam thinks his writing process isn’t “really that different to what most people do these days; sit at home, jam on my guitar and start demo-ing when I think I’ve got something good.” Add Parkway Drive, For The Fallen Dreams, Bury Your Dead and Soilwork into the mix and you get a picture of the scope of influence on his writing.

He adds: “Sometimes I think of a riff at work… sometimes I’ve even walked out of a movie with creative ideas.”  He evidently works hard to get it right, admitting: “I usually wait until I’m 99 per cent happy with it before I take on (the band’s) feedback, as I’m always changing stuff anyway. I guess it’s kind of an ego thing.  ‘Let me make sure it’s bulletproof before you tell me it sucks so I can tell you you’re wrong.'”

If nailing support slots for bands like Casey is anything to go by, it sounds like the good word is spreading for Wildheart in their homeland. But, on the back of their sophomore EP, what’s next for Wildheart? As well as “just trying to churn out as many riffs as possible [to push] towards releasing a full-length album,” the band want to travel Australia and “get over to the UK so badly.”

“I think we’ve just started to really find our own sound and flavour on We Are,” and Adam hopes the band have both the financial and mental capacity to keep sharing it.

You can follow Wildheart on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and all digital platforms here.

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